It’s Logical

When we started down our spiritual path most of us thought we were being illogical.  There was something different and “not natural” about the new ideas we were learning.  Eventually it makes sense, but frequently we do not grasp the logic of spirituality.  Today we look at that logic.


Common sense is a rare commodity

When we are enmeshed in our false self we follow what we think is logic.  That logic does not go very deep.  It mostly consists of doing what all the other false selves around us are doing.  Remember – false self does not like to be different. In order to be happy it usually chooses to be like everyone else.


How else do we account for the dearth of common sense in our “civilization”?  False self is driven by fear.  There is no logic in fear, hence all the illogical behavior.  However, those who attempt to break away from the fear based life are viewed as illogical because they are not acting like everyone else.


Do you want to be happy or do you want to be like everyone else?


If we truly acted logically there would not be such a surprise when we encounter common sense.  How often do we find a surprising case where someone applied common sense?  At first the common sense seemed illogical because it went against the norm.  However, once we examine the case we find that the common sense had its own internal logic.


Spirituality has its own internal logic.


Spirituality is practical

What I eventually found appealing about spirituality was how practical it is.  I find spirituality to be logical, pragmatic, and practical.  What keeps us from seeing this simplicity is our false self.


False self does not want to surrender to something it does not understand.  It will fight against spirituality for several reasons.  We have already mentioned one of these reasons – it does not want to be different.  As long as we allow our false self to reject spirituality out of fear of being different we are not fully embracing our true self and our spirituality.


Another technique I use to simplify spirituality is Occam’s razor.  This is a principle of logic in which you choose the more simple solution when all choices seem to be equal.  Expressions of spirituality can become verbose and convoluted.  I tend to choose the more simple explanation.  This almost always turns out to be the one that resonates with me.


A few logical examples

Let’s start with the idea of worrying.  There seems to be a lot of worrying these days.  Worrying is an expression of fear.  We never worry about something that we do not fear.  Confidence always overcomes worrying.


How many times have we heard that worrying never gets you anywhere?  There are many other ways this is said but the message is always the same.  Worrying is always unproductive.  Yet we worry anyway.  Why?


I think it is because we know that we should not worry but we do not know what else to do.  We should stop worrying and learn to trust our true self.  One of the immutable spiritual principles is to always trust true self.  It is logical to trust true self at all times.  However, when we have not yet learned that bit of logic we do not trust true self.


Let’s look at another logical principle of spirituality.  False self thinks it must control everything.  As we have explained previously, this comes from fear.  Once again, the logical thing to do is to trust the power of true self.  However, false self cannot do this because it is fearful of losing control.


It will drive us into the ground before it will let go of its control.  If it was being logical it would admit it is fearful.  However, it cannot understand that kind of logic and will act very illogically rather than look at the fear.


Another example of false self illogic is admitting mistakes.  False self is very afraid of being found to have made an error.  False self is very attached to its image of being perfect.  It is perfect and it cannot make a mistake, much less admit that it has made one.


The logical thing to do is to admit a mistake, accept the consequences and start learning from the mistake.  Mistakes have tremendous power to teach us.  It should be logical to accept them so that we can learn from them.  After all, if we do not learn from our mistakes we will continue to make the same ones.


It seems logical to true self to accept our mistakes.  False self is more concerned with its image to others so it cannot understand that logic.  The false self logic is to not admit mistakes and therefore we will not look inferior to the other false selves around it.


That may not seem like logic, but it truly passes as logic to our false self.  That is why the logic of spirituality is so foreign to false self.  It is accustomed to its form of illogic.  It cannot imagine operating in any other way than its illogicalness.


It can take a few years to retrain false self to trust the true self logic of spirituality.  It can be done.  We just have to be persistent.  We have to be so fed up with the false self illogicalness that we will do anything to free our self from its tyranny.


That is all for today.


Until tomorrow –


Es kava turen hai

We work towards an identical goal.



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