It’s Not a Gift – It Is Your Ability

In the last week I have found myself talking about the difference between a gift and an ability.  I figured that I should write about it and help everyone else to understand how I see the difference.


Happy Thanksgiving

Today is the start of the Thanksgiving Day weekend for many of us here in the US.  I have written some special columns for the next two days.  I hope you enjoy them.  I hope everyone has a safe and happy Thanksgiving holiday.


We think it is a gift

I have noticed that many times people look at something that happens to them and do not believe it was they who directed the situation.  Many times we are in the moment and do something that we did not think we could.  We say we received a “gift.”


We are struggling with a situation and we get an insight into how to resolve the situation.  We think we have received a “gift.”  Sometimes we think it is a gift from God.  Sometimes we think it is a gift from the Holy Spirit.  Sometimes we think it is a gift from a guide or a teacher.


It really is your ability

I look at these situations and I view them as examples of our ability.  We have all heard about how powerful we are when we are being our true self, source, spirit.  Choose your term, but the power remains.


When we are in the moment there is no such thing as a gift.  When we are in the moment everything that happens comes from our abilities.  Our true self is so powerful that our false self cannot comprehend that power.  False self cannot imagine that it could be associated so closely with such power – so it goes into denial and views that power as a gift.


Gifts give us plausible deniability

As long as we can claim that the power of our true self is a gift we think we have a reasonable claim for an excuse to not exercise that power all the time.  If it is a gift then we can blame the capriciousness of the giver for our reason to not have the power.  After all, if God, the Holy Spirit, or my guides did not give me the gift then I cannot be expected to exhibit my abilities.


False self relishes this manner of thinking.  It can hide behind the fact that it did not receive the gift.  Remember, false self is afraid.  It does not want to be different.  Having the gift forces it to face the responsibility of being true self.  On this planet at this time, using all of our abilities causes us to be different.  False self does not want to be different so it will hide behind anything that it can to avoid facing this responsibility.


Above or below

Another way to see this behavior as false self based is to recall something from Eckhart Tolle.  We have written several times about the idea expressed by Eckhart Tolle that false self always wants to see itself above or below those around it.


In our example today false self is claiming that it is below others because it has not received the gift.  Or, if it has received a “gift” it refuses to accept it as an ability.  Let’s look closer at these two cases.


In the first case, false self can claim lesser ability because it did not receive the gift that others have received.  This puts it below others who have received the gift and eliminates any expectations that false self use its abilities.


In the second case, false self has received the “gift” but will not accept that it is an ability.  Once again, this takes false self off the hook because a gift can be temporary.  An ability is permanent and we expect to increase our abilities over time. If it is a gift, then we received it for the one situation and we cannot be expected to use the gift more than once.


Being in the moment

When we are in the moment there is no such thing as a gift.  We exercise our true self abilities when we are in the moment.  If a guide does happen along and gives us an insight it is because we asked for the insight.  Therefore it is no longer a gift.


As we discovered in our post “Ask and You Will be Answered”, when we ask a question of guidance we always get many answers.  Our guides do not give us answers for which we have not asked questions.  They are very busy.  They know that our Creator does not allow us to get into situations that we cannot handle.


When we are not asking questions our guides figure that we are doing just fine.  Once we ask a question, the answers are not gifts.  The answers are the Process of Existence helping us on our path.  There is no magic to this – that is the way the Process of Existence works.   It gives no gifts – only answers.


When we receive those answers we are not receiving gifts.  We are using our true self ability to exemplify the reason that we exist.  We exist to learn and grow and share that learning and growth with each other.  As we learn the tremendous power of true self we also learn our unimaginable ability.


Please stop limiting your confidence in your ability by calling it a gift.  God, the Holy Spirit, our guides want nothing more than for us to empower our self.  That will help them in their work more than anything else we could do.  Let’s help the Holy Spirit by accepting that our “gifts” are really our abilities.  The Holy Spirit wants us to use those abilities to help others realize their abilities.


And on it goes, each one helping the other to empower themselves.  Eventually you have an entire planet of empowered people.  But it begins by empowering our self first.


The gift from our Creator is our Life.  Our gift to our Creator is what we do with that Life.  As far as I am concerned, these are the only gifts.


That’s all for today.  Don’t eat too much tomorrow!


Until tomorrow –


Es kava turen hai

We work towards an identical goal.



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