Don’t Fix Things in the Mirror

Last week I was involved in a discussion.  As is my want, this was a discussion about spiritual topics.  The speaker at this discussion talked about looking in the mirror and trying to fix the reflection in the mirror rather than fixing the original image.  Today we will take a closer look at this idea.


Welcome back

Welcome back to all of our readers from what I hope was a safe and productive weekend for everyone.  Here in this part of the northeast US we had a lot of sunshine.  The temperature was unseasonably cold.  More like January than November.  Maybe that will mean that January will be like April.  One can hope.


Although this is a holiday week in the US, we will have a full set of posts.  I am planning some special posts for Thursday and Friday.  I hope you enjoy them as much as I have enjoyed writing them.



I will be speaking next Sunday at Circle of Miracles in New Britain, PA.  The meeting starts at 10:00 am.  The subject will be the explanation of the reason that the Crystal, Indigo, and Star Children are on this planet and how we can help them.  I hope to see as many of you as possible there.


Fix our self, not the reflection

At first this seems like a logical and reasonable idea.  Of course I should not fix the reflection; I should take care of me.


This idea reminds me of the cartoon representation of the kid who is sent to brush his teeth.  He looks in the mirror, puts the toothpaste on the mirror, and then brushes the mirror with his toothbrush.  We do the same thing when we try to change false self.


You cannot change false self

After all the pages that I have written about false self, it seems odd that I should say that you cannot change false self.  Well, it is true.  There is very little that you can do to change false self.


The only changes we can make in false self is to get it to be more quiet and learn to trust true self.  Other than that, we cannot really change false self behavior.  Let’s look a little more closely at this.


Let’s say that you notice that your false self has a habit of stretching the truth.  Let’s suppose that this habit has gotten you in a bit of trouble at times.  Our first reaction to a situation like this would be to stop false self from lying.


In our post last week we looked at the analogy of the tiger.  When we try to change false self we are actually wrestling with the tiger – a battle that we can never win.  Instead, we learn to let the tiger walk through our thinking.


Lying is an example of a tiger.  We see that we don’t want to lie, but have yet to learn how not to do so.  We are in a situation and see that we are about to lie about something.  We don’t want to lie – so we start to wrestle the tiger.  We may not actually lie, but the struggle will have worn us out.


Here is a better way – just let the tiger walk through.  Notice that you want to lie.  If you lie – note that as well.  You can always go back and fix the situation.  You can always tell the other person(s) that you made a mistake.  No big deal.


The reason that you lied was that you did not trust true self.  Over time, as you recognize that you can trust true self, you will learn that there is no situation that true self cannot handle.  Therefore there is no reason to lie.  Wrestling with the tiger means we are fighting a losing battle with our self.  We win the battle when we can sit quietly and let the thoughts about lying pass through without acting on them.


Look in the mirror

Ok – so we started with the analogy of the mirror and seem to have only talked about tigers.  Not really.  When we are standing at the mirror and reaching out to fix the reflection we are actually reaching out to try to fix false self.


In our tiger analogy we wrestle with false self thoughts because we do not like them and want to change them.  In the mirror analogy we are reaching out and attempting to change our reflection.


We should be recognizing that the reflection cannot be changed.  By attempting to change the reflection we are just finding another way to wrestle with the tiger.  We are brushing the toothpaste on the mirror, not brushing our own teeth.


The bottom line of all this is to realize that there is very little that we can change about false self.  All we can do is accept it for what it is, but not give it any validity.  When we try to change false self we are trying to change our reflection. 


We need to learn to listen to true self.  In that way we will not care about the reflection.  The reflection will be of true self and we will accept it, imperfections and all.  After all, it is those imperfections that show us our next steps on our path.


Trying to change the reflection will cause us to be in denial of our faults and obscure our path.  Haven’t most of us lived that way for far too long?


Let’s stop trying to change the reflection or fight our tigers.  Let’s learn to be happy!


That’s all for today.  Enjoy your holiday week.


Until tomorrow –


Es kava turen hai

We work towards an identical goal.



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