Ask and You Will be Answered

All of us have asked the universe for an answer.  We might have been searching for guidance.  We might have been in prayer.  We might have been in pain and looking for peace.  Today we will look at what happens when we ask our questions.


Thankful Friday

We always begin our Friday post by thanking those around us.  Last week we spent a lot of time talking about Barack Obama and spirituality.  I neglected to give my thanks to Thom Hartmann for providing the inspiration for some of what was said.


Thom Hartmann broadcasts a radio talk show for three hours a day on Air America.  He provides the best ongoing civics lesson that I have ever found.  He explains how our country was founded and run for over 200 years by and for “we the people.”  Thanks Thom for all of your thoughtful insights regarding our current political situation.


We also thank WordPress and FeedBurner for providing the free tools that make writing and distributing this site possible.  Thanks WordPress and FeedBurner!


We All Ask

At some point in our life we have all asked for guidance, insight, a better way.  We have all been in enough pain that we realized that we must look outside of our self for an answer to relieve that pain.  We all know that we are supposed to be happy – so we ask for a path to that happiness.


It does not matter if we ask while we are in prayer, meditating, practicing yoga, or walking down the street.  At some point we see that we are not happy with our lives and we want to change our life.  The manner that we ask is not important – only that we do ask.


We want specific answers

As we first begin our path we have yet to learn that we must be open to the answers we receive.  We ask a question and expect a specific answer.  We also ask for a specific thing.  We may need a car – but we ask for a car that is not appropriate for us.  We may need a few extra dollars to pay our bills so we ask for a million dollars.


These are examples of false self getting in the way.  We have discussed at length how false self is very fearful and insecure.  It is the one that wants a million dollars when we only need a few hundred.  It is the one that wants a Lexus when a Honda is all we need.


Gradually we learn that we cannot let false self get in the way of how we ask questions.  We discover how to ask questions without hidden assumptions or extremely specific parameters.  We also learn to be open to the answers.  Gradually we learn to be an observer in the process and allow our self to be guided by true self as we ask our questions and receive our answers.


We are always answered

How many times have we asked a question and then we do not think we have been answered?  An interesting thing about the Process of Existence is that it always answers us.


Do you remember our discussion about the reason we exist?  The reason we exist is to learn and grow and share that learning and growth with each other.  When we ask a question the Process of Existence must answer us.  We want to learn so we ask the question.  The process of existence must answer because it is there to help us learn.


So why don’t we think we receive answers?  The main reason is the false self.  We mentioned earlier that false self asks for very specific things.  It also asks for inappropriate things.  When it does not get the specific and inappropriate answers it was looking for – it thinks it has not been answered.


Actually, false self has received an answer.  The Process of Existence has told false self that its questions are either too specific or inappropriate.  False self does not want to hear those answers so it rejects them and claims that it was not answered.  This is what we learn to work through as we learn to ask questions from true self.  We learn that false self cannot understand this entire process and we learn to ignore its inappropriate questions.


We get a lot of answers

The Process of Existence is very magnanimous.  When we ask a question we do not get just one answer.  We get a lot of answers.  It is up to us to choose the best answer for our situation.  That is how we learn.


If the Process of Existence gave us only one answer we would not have any choice, therefore we would have no free will.  The Process must give us a lot of answers so that there is the maximum opportunity for learning.


To illustrate how this principle of multiple answers works let’s imagine that true self has asked a question.  The question is immaterial – we are looking at the process.  Let’s say that we receive twenty answers to our question.  We always receive a lot of answers.  Sometimes it is more than twenty – sometimes it is less.  We will use twenty for our example.


We receive twenty answers.  Ten of those we will not even hear.  We don’t hear them because we are not ready for them yet.  The Process always offers us the opportunity to advance our learning.  We receive ten answers that give us that opportunity.  However, we are not yet ready for that advancement so we most likely do not even see those answers.


Of the remaining ten answers we see that five of them are not appropriate for our purposes.  We hear these five answers but we also see that they are not taking us down the path that we want to travel right now.  They may be appropriate at a later date, but they are not what we want now.


Finally, we are down to five answers that we view as possible courses of action.  We may wind up choosing one of the answers.  We may create an additional answer that is a combination of two or more of the answers.


It does not matter which answer we choose.  We have asked our question.  We have received multiple answers.  We have chosen our path based on those answers.  We start down the new part of the path and learn from the experience.  Soon we will have another question and we will repeat this process again.


And that is why and how we exist.  We want to learn so we ask a question.  The Process of Existence provides multiple answers.  We choose an answer, apply it, and learn from it.  Thus has it ever been and thus shall it always be.


That is all for today.  Have a great weekend!  If you are so inclined please submit a comment and tell us about your weekend.


Until Monday –


Es kava turen hai

We work towards an identical goal.



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