How Barack Obama Exemplifies Spirituality – Summary

Today we will wrap up our week long series that has looked at how Barack Obama may be an example of applied spirituality.  We will summarize some of the major points from the week and finish with a final comment.


Thankful Friday

For our new readers – and we have a lot of them this week – our custom is to start our Friday post by thanking those around us.  Today I want to thank all of the new readers who have taken the time to read our blog this week.  Hopefully you have found something that is helpful and will continue to find this site of value to you.


Next I would like to thank the people at Circle of Miracles in Doylestown, PA for being so accepting of me.  I have only attended their meetings for the last month but have rarely felt more welcome.  Thank you!


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We started this week by talking about how Barack Obama appears to be able to stay in the moment most of the time.  He has a calm, quiet demeanor that is indicative of being in the moment.


We also looked at his nonviolent approach to the way he ran his campaign.  One note about nonviolence – it is not necessarily the same as being a pacifist.  Nonviolence involves the commitment to defend your free will.  It eschews aggression to assert that free will.


Next we looked at how Barack Obama ran a fifty state campaign strategy that was a demonstration of his inclusiveness.  Inclusiveness is an important spiritual principle because it causes us to see each other as equals.


We next heard about how the “energize the base” strategy run by Republicans and some Democrats is a divisive strategy.  The fact that Barack Obama refused to run this type of campaign once again demonstrates the spiritual principle of inclusiveness.


On Wednesday we got a feeling for the way Barack Obama approaches fear.  He exhibits no fear.  Eventually most politicians exhibit fear in some manner.  As best as I can remember I have never seen Barack Obama exhibit any fear.


We also looked at the fact that Barack Obama does not try to make anyone fearful.  While most of his opponents were telling the electorate all the things to fear about Barack Obama, he refused to respond in kind.  In fact he tended to compliment and praise his opponents rather than make people fearful of them.


Finally we spent Thursday looking at how Barack Obama is being the change that he wants to see.  One of the more important spiritual principles is that if you want to change something you first need to change yourself.  You first become the change you want to see – then you become the example of that change.  Barack Obama appears to be exemplifying the change.


Is Barack Obama knowingly being spiritual?

I have never met Barack Obama.  I cannot say how aware he is of his spirituality.  I do not know if he is conscious of a desire to exhibit spirituality.  I am just an armchair quarterback observing the game from the comfort of my own sofa.


Is it important whether or not Barrack Obama is aware of the spiritual principles he appears to be exemplifying?  I think it is not important – and here is why:


Spiritual principles should just “feel right”.  When we are living our spiritual principles it should feel like the most normal and natural thing in the world to do.  If Barack Obama is just doing what seems to be the natural thing then it becomes a moot point.


Spirituality should be so transparent that we do not even think about it.  We just stay in the moment and do what needs to be done.  If Barack Obama is staying in the moment and doing what he sees needs to be done does it matter if he sees that he is being spiritual?


Does this mean that everything will become love and light?

Of course not. The election of Barack Obama is just one step towards laying the foundation on which a society based in spirituality can thrive.


From my perspective, this country was founded by a group of idealistic and spiritual people.  As with any endeavor on this planet, the spirituality and idealism has been challenged many times.  At times certain presidents stepped forward and exhibited their spirituality.  Abraham Lincoln and Franklin Roosevelt come to mind immediately.  I am sure there were others.


These leaders reset the balance of the country and leaned it towards the more spiritual principles of our founders.  For me, spirituality also means practical and pragmatic.  The most practical and pragmatic of our leaders have also been the most spiritual.


These spiritual leaders also knew they could not do everything by themselves.  They also knew they did not have a monopoly on the truth or spirituality.  They enlisted anyone who they thought could help advance their vision regardless of party affiliation.  The only requirement was to have the open mind to see the vision and then be able to work effectively toward the goal.


These spiritual leaders also relied on the citizens as well.  They challenged the citizens to be citizens, nor consumers.  A citizen is an active participant in their country.  They educate themselves regarding the issues.  They decide which issues are important to them and then become advocates for their own point of view.


This process used to be called democracy.  In recent years we seem to have forgotten that we are citizens.  We have come to view ourselves as consumers.  A consumer goes to work, gets a paycheck, spends that paycheck, and never thinks much of the process that makes the country work.  They see life as all about money.  As long as there is enough money to pay the bills and entertain ourselves between the times that we have to work – who cares how it happens?


A spiritual leader wants his fellow countrymen to be citizens and not consumers.  He wants people to understand the issues and be making their own choices.  He wants the citizens to have more rights, not fewer.  With more rights the citizens become more powerful.  A spiritual leader is not threatened by that power because he knows how to harness it for the benefit of all.


My hopes are that Barack Obama will be this kind of a spiritual leader.  At this time all the signs show that he could be the agent of empowerment that our citizens need.


In order for this to happen we all need to do out part.  Inform yourself of the issues.  Speak out on those that are important to you.  Live your own spirituality in a natural manner.


Be the example of change you want to see in Barack Obama and our fellow citizens.


That is all for the week.  Have a great weekend!


Until Monday –


Es kava turen hai

We work towards an identical goal.



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