Happy 100

Today marks a milestone for this site.  This is the 100th post!  I would like to express my deepest thanks to everyone who has made this possible.


Today we will imitate how TV shows mark their major anniversaries – this will be a clip show.  But first…



Even though our 100th post is a big deal for us, there is a really big deal happening in the US today.  Today we vote for president and many other representatives. 


Remember – we are a representative government.  Our elected officials are not supposed to tell us what to do.  We the people tell them what to do.  Our elected officials represent us.  Exercise your free will today by voting for the officials who will best represent the way you would use your free will if you were in office.  Go and vote, now!


The clip show

We started this site on June 17.  We have covered a lot of topics and a lot of ideas since then.  Today we will take a somewhat chronological look at how the blog has evolved.  The way we will do that is to write a short synopsis of some of our major areas of focus and then post some links to that subject.


On a real clip show on TV they make you watch the clips from previous shows.  We cannot make you click the links, but we ask that in the spirit of the clip show you do just that.  I think you will be surprised at how many different subjects we have covered in just 100 posts.  Enjoy!


The purpose of the site

The purpose of this site has always been twofold.  The first is to explain to the Crystal, Indigo, and Star Children why they are here.  We want to explain why the mission was needed and what the current status of the mission is.


The other purpose of this site is to help those in the mission to understand how they can be effective in accomplishing that mission.  Our view is that the most important thing that the Crystal, Indigo, and Star Children can do is to learn how to break the attachments that come from false self.  The most important thing the mission can provide at this time is a group of people who live from their true self and can stay in the moment the vast majority of the time.


The manifestation

In order to manifest these objectives we started writing about the mission.  This began with a four part series entitled “Why Crystal, Indigo, and Star Children?  Why Now?”  This explained the differences between the categories crystal, indigo, and star.  This also explained why they are on this planet at this time.


We followed these four posts with a series of three posts that looked at the current status of the mission.  This group of posts looked at why the mission had not been very effective and what was being done to help it become more effective.


This was followed by nine posts that discussed several different aspects of the imminent planetary rebalancing.  We started by describing exactly what the planetary rebalancing is.  Then we heard about such things as “How Other Planets Handle the Rebalancing”, “How the Rebalancing Will Manifest”, and “How Do We Prepare for Rebalancing.”  With these and a few other topics we discussed planetary rebalancing at great length.


The practical part

During the first month or so we explained most of the basics about the mission; what it is, and what it is facing in the way of earth changes.  Now we needed to address the really difficult part – learning to be in the moment.


We started what could be termed the “spiritual” work by looking at illusions.  We published a seven part series called “Breaking Illusions”.  In this series we got a feeling for a number of the illusions that frequently keep us from making spiritual progress.


We next published a series of articles about various subjects related to spirituality.  I think the most important one of this group was “What is Spirituality?”  But hey, what do I know?


Finding ourselves

With the publication of the article “Quo Vadis?” we signaled a major change in focus.  In this article we contrast the work of the mission with the personal spiritual work each member of the mission needs to do.


We immediately went into the concepts of “True Self vs. False Self”.  At this point we spent many posts looking at various aspects of how the false self controls our life.  We heard about things like “False Self Attachments to People”, “False Self Wants Life to be Fair”, and “Understanding the False Self Identity.”


We also began to feel what it is like to live from true self.  We examined such subjects as “True Self Sees Everyone as Equal”, “How True Self Uses Possessions”, and “True Self Is Always in the Moment”.


Interwoven with our discussions of true self and false self were various articles about staying in the moment.  We covered various aspects of this subject including “Tips to Get Yourself in the Moment”.


We also published a series about “Choosing Your Family”.  This group of articles looked at a number of issues that we encounter when dealing with our family.  We also looked at the idea of unconditional love in our articles about “Love vs. Acceptance”, and “Acceptance Is Being in the Moment”.


The future

We have developed a small but loyal group of readers.  We will continue to publish an article every weekday for the foreseeable future.  We will continue to intermix articles about true self, being in the moment, the mission, and the planetary rebalancing.


We are here to serve our readers.  We look forward to your feedback and comments.  We wish more of our readers would submit more comments.  We have had several excellent suggestions for topics from our readers.  If there is something you would like to understand in greater detail please submit a comment and let us know.


That is all for today.  Once again, our deepest thanks to our readers who make time in their day to read what we have written.  It is the interest you take in our material that keeps us going.  Thanks!


Until tomorrow –


Es kava turen hai

We work towards an identical goal.



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