Accepting Is Also Being in the Moment

Do you realize that acceptance is part of being in the moment?  Today we will look at the relationship between being in the moment, acceptance and unconditional love.


Tying a few concepts together

A few of our recent posts have discussed acceptance and unconditional love, being in the moment, and how to take control of our lives through acceptance.  Today we will get a feeling for how acceptance is an important part of being in the moment.


Unconditional love

Let’s start with the idea of unconditional love.  As we stated in our post about sacrifice, unconditional love is love that is given with no expectation of anything in return.


Take a close look at this statement.  “With no expectation of anything in return.”  That means we are giving our love in the moment.  We are not doing it to repay a past situation.  Neither are we giving our love in anticipation of anything in the future.


Unconditional love means that we are giving our love at this moment and for this moment.  We have no thought of past or future situations.  We are giving our unconditional love because we are in the moment.


It appears to me that we can only give unconditional love when we are in the moment.  The converse is that when we are in the moment we always give love without conditions.



In our two part series about the concepts of acceptance and love we looked at how acceptance was an integral aspect of love.  We went so far as to state that being accepting is much harder to achieve than being loving.  There have been a few other recent posts about accepting, but the one about learning to take control of our lives by being accepting showed the power of acceptance.


Being in the moment

The idea of being in the moment is very common in many spiritual and religious disciplines.  We have looked at several different aspects of this concept on this site.  Back in August we wrote several posts that gave tips on being in the moment.


We will not discuss the importance of being in the moment in today’s column.  Please research the topic if you want to understand why this is so important.  We have several posts on this site, but there are many very good sources of information on this subject.  We highly recommend the books written by Eckhart Tolle.  Alternatively please post a comment and we can discuss this topic at length.


Let’s put it all together

So we now have three concepts that we would like to link together.  They are unconditional love, acceptance, and being in the moment.


One way of linking

There are several ways to link these concepts.  Let’s start with the idea that we want to express our unconditional love to those around us.  In order to do this we must first be accepting of them and the situation we share.


Accepting requires us to be in the moment.  If we are not in the moment we are attempting to live a future event or relive an event in the past.  Therefore, when we are accepting we must be in the moment in order to experience the current situation in every aspect.


To rephrase this idea, when we want to express our unconditional love then we must be accepting of the situation.  Unconditional love can only be given when we are in the moment because unconditional love means that we are not expecting anything in return.  Therefore, unconditional love can only happen when we are both accepting and in the moment.


Another way of linking

Now we view these concepts from a completely different perspective.  We start with being in the moment.  When we are in the moment we are not living any future or past events.


Because we are in the moment we are also accepting the people and the situation around us.  We are not denying what is going on around us.  We do not insist that the people around us treat us differently.  The situation is what it is, and the people are doing what they do.


By accepting the people with no preconditions we are also expressing our unconditional love.  By being in the moment we are accepting of the people and situations around us.  Through that acceptance we are also expressing our love without conditions.  Unconditional love starts with being in the moment.


Back to the beginning

We started this post with the idea that acceptance is also being in the moment.  What we have shown is that when we are accepting we cannot help but be in the moment.  When we are accepting and in the moment we get a nice little bonus.  That bonus is that we cannot help but express our unconditional love when we are in the moment.


That is all for today.  Thanks for reading.


Until tomorrow –


Es kava turen hai

We work towards an identical goal.



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2 Responses to Accepting Is Also Being in the Moment

  1. jk says:

    Hi Noah,

    I thinked you did a great job of linking the concepts!

    I have two thoughts…….one is the feeling of unconditional love. I think there is a feeling that is peaceful and calm and warm, warm warm! Do you?

    the other aspect, i think is important is the key for acceptance prior to being able to know unconditional love which is from the true self, is accepting self. What do you think of that?

    i love you!!!!!! jk

  2. noahnow says:

    JK –

    As always, thanks for your thoughtful comment.

    Regarding unconditional love being peaceful – yes that is what it feels like. Whenever we think we are expressing love but have some discomfort then we have some type of conditions attached. We usually do not recognize those conditions, but that is what is making our expression of love uncomfortable.

    Regarding acceptance – this is something that can be very difficult to acheive. As you infer, it starts with self. Learning to accept our self equates to unconditional love of self. The more we can love ourself conditionally the more we can show others the same unconditional love.


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