We Choose Our Limitations

We Choose Our Limitations


Today we look at how we accept limitations into our life.  Limitations are something that false self chooses.  True self knows that there are no limitations.


A few maxims

“Argue for your limitations and they are yours.”  This is one of the greatest approaches to understanding limitations that I have ever found.  It comes from a book called “The Mystic Path to Cosmic Power” by Vernon Howard.


The central point of this idea for me has been that all of our limitations are self chosen.  We decided to have limitations.  Then, when someone tells us that we do not have to have limitations, we insist on maintaining those limitations.  We argue in favor of having limitations.  Therefore we have them.


“The sky is the limit – only if you want it to be.”  This saying was very common within the first spiritual study group I ever attended.  It is a variation on the old cliché “the sky is the limit.” 


It took me a little while to understand this concept.  I had always accepted that the cliché “the sky is the limit” was enough to strive for.  This was the accepted way of viewing that we had no limitations.  The new phrase “only if you want it to be” added an implication that I found it hard to get my mind around.


This new phrase implied that indeed there were no limits at all.  I was still struggling with the idea that I was creating my own limitations, let alone that the sky was the limit.  Now I had a new idea that said that there are no limitations.  It took a few years, but as I started to see my self imposed limitations I also started to see that there really are no limits.


Here are a few of the common self imposed limitations that I have seen.  Not all of us have all of these limitations, but these are some of the more common ones.


We think we are limited because of ethnicity

Once again this is not so.  Although the habitual ethnic and racial prejudices have been resurfacing in the last few years, we are still able to achieve a lot more than we once could.  Even in the darkest days of racial hatred there were always individuals who found a way to get themselves out of a situation that they did not desire and create something that suited them better.


This is by no means meant to condone racial, ethnic, gender, or sexual bias, hatred, or discrimination.  We are all created equal and must learn to accept each other the way we are despite our perceived differences.


The point is that those who have found a way to extricate themselves from a situation of hatred or discrimination realized that they had a choice.  They chose to change their life and kept working until they made that change.  These individuals should be held as inspirations to the rest of us who have not realized yet that we have the choice to change our life.


We think we are limited because of money

We have addressed this idea in two different posts.  The first was on July 16 when we were talking about illusions.  Our point there was that we frequently fall into the illusion that we must have a nebulous something before we can pursue our spiritual growth.


Another time that we looked at this idea was on September 17.  That day we talked about not dwelling on what we don’t have.  Being limited by money is just an illusion.  When we view money as a tool that we use to accomplish an objective, we find a way to acquire the money required by our objectives.


The point here is to not acquire money for the sake of the money itself.  We should determine our objectives and then acquire the money needed to accomplish those objectives.  Money for money’s sake is another false self illusion.


We think we are limited by our gender

Although there are a few remaining areas that gender is a determining factor, those are much fewer than they once were.  There are still many cultures that use gender as a determining factor, but even those cultures are coming under intense pressure to change those ideas.


Even in sports, gender is not the limiting factor it once was.  Although women do not compete side by side with males for the money, notoriety, and prestige in many sports, they still compete.  Most sports that were once exclusively male now have an outlet in which women participate.  They may not receive the same money and fame as the men in that sport, but they get to play the sport.  After all, aren’t sports supposed to be about the love of playing the game, not the money we are paid?


There are more examples

These are but a few of the common examples of self-imposed limitations.  There are many more where these came from.  The point is not to list all the examples.  Rather, we should be learning to see our own self-imposed limitations.  Then we need to learn our own technique to work past those limitations.


Am I past all my limitations?  Of course not.  Just as I have discussed my fears and attachments in the past, I still have many things to learn.  However, I have learned enough that I can start to share what I have learned with others.


Like with fears and attachments, I still occasionally smack my head on my wall of self limitations.    When that happens I pick myself up, dust myself off, and continue on my path.  As I continue on my path I attempt to learn from what has happened and attempt to keep from making the same mistake again.


That is all for today.  Please learn to stop insisting on having limitations.  You will be much happier without them.


Until tomorrow –


Es kava turen hai

We work towards an identical goal.



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