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A reader wrote me and asked about how our Creator can identify us.  The question was whether or not he could tell who we were from our bodies.  Today we look at that question.


Welcome back

This was another great weekend in the northeastern US.  The leaves are starting to turn, but many of the trees in this area do not seem to have very much color.  A lot of the leaves seem to be turning a dull brownish red which are falling off without achieving any brilliance.


Despite the lack of colorful foliage I managed to get out for some long walks, the weather is perfect for those long walks.  The coming weeks promises more of the same.  I hope each and everyone of you had a great weekend.  Here is today’s topic.


Can our Creator identify us by our physical bodies?

I received this question from a reader last week.  We have not talked about energy and vibration very much on this site.  We can do so if you, the readers, would like to know more about what I understand regarding these subjects.  Just post your comments or send me an email and I will do my best to explain what I know.


To answer today’s question I will give you the explanation that I received many years ago.  If anyone has other understandings please post them.


Use of pronouns

For simplicity I use the pronoun “he” when I refer to the Creator.  I do so because it is simpler to construct readable sentences.  Also, I do not think he cares which pronoun I use.  If you prefer to use another pronoun please feel free to insert the pronoun of your choosing.  I do not think he cares if you do that, either.


The creation of individuals

We start with the creation of individuals.  The only one capable of this is our Creator.  He takes a block of energy and balances it for use as individuals.  This type of energy is different than all other types of energies.  This specific balance allows for growth and learning, something that only individuals can do.


The large block of energy is then divided into smaller blocks that will become individuals.  Typically each large block becomes twelve individuals.  Each of the twelve blocks is then balanced to be different from the other eleven blocks.  Each block receives a unique balance that is different from all other individuals as well as the other eleven in that block.


Once the individual blocks of energy have received their unique balances they are named.  The names come from the characteristics that our Creator used to balance the blocks of energy.  These names become the names of the individuals that are created.  Just like each individual has a unique energy vibration, they also have a unique name that reflects that vibration.  No two individuals have the same vibrational balance or name.


Each individual is unique in many ways

This means that every individual has a unique balance that keeps them separate from every other individual.  This unique balance also means that each individual remains unique and cannot blend or mix their base energy with another individual.  In effect this means that we are all snowflakes and remain unique.  Contrary to some beliefs, we cannot merge into one large soul because our energies cannot mix.


So far, everything we have looked at is being done non-physically.  We are so enmeshed in physicality that it is hard for us to imagine something so abstract.  Non-physicalness is the base from which all physicalness is formed.  Physicalness is a reflection of non-physicalness.  Unfortunately on this planet that reflection is not very accurate, but much of that reflection is there – just greatly distorted.


How is an individual identified?

Now to the original question – does our Creator recognize us by our body or our spirit?  The answer to that is our spirit, but our body is a reflection of our spirit.  Anything that is closely associated with our spirit is influenced by the base vibration of our spirit.  When we take a physical structure for a lifetime our base vibration of true self flows through that structure and much of what that structure is associated with.


For example, our Creator can tell who we are by looking at out body because it reflects our base vibration.  He can recognize who we are by looking at our handwriting.  Our handwriting carries the base vibration of true self.


The same can be said for a photograph of us, our voice, a recording of our voice, or a drawing we create.  These all carry our unique individual vibration that no other individual has.  There are many ways that our unique vibration becomes a part of how we express ourselves.


Our Creator may not be able to tell you the name of the individual on this planet that is associated with a particular body.  That is because we do not use the names that are associated with our true self.  Those names are unique and reflect each individual’s unique vibration.  How can one call a name like Peter or Mary unique and associated with an individual’s vibration?  He would be able to tell you who the individual is, but not necessarily what their false self is called.


Also, most of us can do most of these things that I have described.  When we choose to spend a lifetime on another planet these methods are taught to the kids in grammar school.  It is considered important to know who people are – whether you are dealing with them physically or non-physically.  The kids are taught to identify individuals by their vibration.   They learn to tell who someone is through their body, their handwriting, their voice, and many other ways.


Dogs and psychics

We are all familiar with how effective tracking dogs can be.  We usually attribute their ability to their highly developed sense of smell.  Let’s take an out of the box look at another explanation.  When the handlers give the dog a piece of clothing worn by the individual they want to find it carries a scent.  What if that scent also carries the vibration of the individual and the dogs track that vibration as well as the actual scent?


Psychic trackers might do the same thing when they are looking for someone.  Psychics always need a personal object when they track someone.  Maybe they are identifying the individual by their unique vibration and then tracking that individual.


That is all for today.  I would like to hear your ideas about this subject.


Until tomorrow –


Es kava turen hai

We work towards an identical goal.



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