My Life Is a Result of My Decisions

In the last few posts we have looked at different aspects of taking responsibility.  We have mentioned the idea that everything in our life is a result of our decisions.  Today we will take a closer look at that idea.


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Start at the beginning

Our objective for today is to see how our life is actually a result of the decisions that we have made.  We start with one that is difficult for many of us to accept or comprehend.  We chose to be on this planet at this time.


This flies in the face of many ideologies and religions.  There is a common notion that God decides that we are supposed to be on this planet at this time.  For me, this does not acknowledge our free will.


Remember, we exist to learn and grow and then share that learning and growth with each other.  If God tells us that we are supposed to be on this planet for this lifetime doesn’t that negate our free will?  What if I want to learn another lesson on another planet?  I view that our creator is a benevolent parent who will support us and the choices we make about the lessons we want to learn.


I realize that by accepting that we made the choice to take a lifetime on this planet at this time that I am implying reincarnation.  This is also a big step for many people.


Let’s add another choice to these other choices that are difficult for many of us to accept that we have made.  How about the idea that we actually chose who our parents would be?  Whether we understand it or not, that is what we did.


In summary, here are the two choices that we made before we were born.  True self decided to take a lifetime on this planet at this time and we decided who are parents were going to be.


Everything else flows from there

Granted, once we were born we did not knowingly make a lot of the choices that we subsequently made.  We did not realize the implications when we allowed our false self to be trained to be like everyone else’s false.  We just sort of let it happen.


However, the crystal and indigo children are showing us that we do not necessarily have to allow this to happen.  We can choose to train our false self to listen to true self.  It makes us a bit odd and different, but we have that choice if we want it.


Next, we think that we are limited by the choices that our family made for us when we were children.  This is simply not true.  The choices our family made may have influenced us, but we have always had the choice to disregard that influence.  The world is full of people who realized that they were not going to get anywhere because of their family and decided to strike out on their own.


We did not choose our family

We usually do not realize it, but we have chosen our family.  We have just discussed how we choose the family into which we are born.  As we go through life we continually choose what our relations with our birth family should be.  We discuss this idea at length in the series of posts that started on September 19.  For a week we discussed different aspects of how we choose our family.


Let’s add one more idea to that discussion.  We choose our spouse and our children.  Even though there are still some cultures that practice arranged marriages, there are still individuals who refuse to accept them.  We frequently hear of women who have chosen to leave their family instead of accept an arranged marriage.  The point is that even in societies that arrange marriages people exercise the choice to not accept that marriage.


Now that we realize that our spouse has been our choice, we look at the early part of this post and realize that we are choosing our children in the same way we chose our parents.  This is something that our true self does and false self never gets the message.  Once the children are born they have the same choice that we have to maintain the relationship.


To put it succinctly, in one way or another we have chosen each and every one of our personal relationships.


Other choices

What are some of the other choices we do not realize that we made?  Sometimes we think our family chose our job for us.  How many stories have we heard about people who say their family wanted them to be in one job and they chose a completely different job?  We always choose our job.


Sometimes we do not think we chose our government.  Granted, we might have voted for someone who did not get elected.  However, what did we do after our candidate los the election?


Did we continue to work for the ideas and views espoused by that candidate?  Did we realize that even though we may not have gotten what we wanted the first time that we could keep working to achieve the original goal.


For those of you who have become completely disenchanted with your government, did you ever realize that there are many other governments out there that you might like?  Instead of choosing to remain under a government that you cannot tolerate do you realize you have a choice of emigrating?  The world is full of stories about people who have left everything behind because they have chosen to emigrate to a country of their choice.



Whether we realize it or not, everything in our life is a result of a choice that we have made.  We have looked at a few ideas that we utilize to keep us from accepting that we are making these choices.


As we have mentioned in other posts this week, the sooner we realize that our life is a result of our choices the sooner we will empower ourselves.  We are empowered by realizing that we have choices and that by making those choices from true self we live a happier and more fulfilling life.


Do you have things in your life that you do not think were a result of choice you made?  Please post a comment so that we can discuss it.


That’s it for this week.  Have a great weekend!


Until Monday –


Es kava turen hai

We work towards an identical goal.



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2 Responses to My Life Is a Result of My Decisions

  1. jk says:

    Hi Noah,

    I want to share an experience i had this spring.

    My son and his family live in California. We all met in Colorado, where my daughter and her family live.

    My granddaughter is 5 years old. she was born as a premature birth at 2 lb/2 ounces at 27 weeks gestation…… she is perfect…..and a miracle.

    One morning in colorado, my son said to me….”mom, you need to answer these questions…… i asked my granddaughter about them….. she said “well, i remember before i was born” i reinforced this with all the rest of us are trying to do this….. and then she said…..”and i am here for the enviroment and to help it.” i told her that was wonderful, we do need all the help we can get…..she then said….”i am a earth angel….but i am a regular girl too” Wow!!!!!!!!!!

    the morning we were to leave Colorado, my son called me and said that his daughter had a really high temperature….and they could not meet us for breakfast….. i went to their room and did Reiki on my granddaughter who was in sweat drenched pj”‘s….she was up and running around in a 1 hour to 1 1/2 hour….i offered to do another reiki….She said…”no….i heal myself…..and i want to heal my friends too!!!!!!!!!”

    i wanted to share this with you since your blog calls upon crystal children etc…..this was dramatic….though if i had not been where i am spiritually, i would have disregarded this…

    i would be interested to know other people’s experiences…..jk

  2. noahnow says:

    Thank you for this story. Now if we can get the other six billion people on the panet doing the same as your granddaughter we might have something!

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