Planetary Rebalancing Update

Today we will take a quick look at an update on the planetary rebalancing.  The tropical storm season has resulted in what is effectively a warning for the gulf coast and the eastern seaboard.


Welcome back!

I hope everyone had a great weekend.  The weather in the northeast US was a bit wet and a bit cool.  However there was still some great fall weather.  When I was much younger I loved to play football.  This weekend was great football weather in this part of the northeast.


Update on the rebalancing

On July 7 of this year we began publishing a multi-part series entitled “How the Rebalancing will Manifest”.  If you have not read it before, or if you have not read it in awhile, it might help you to familiarize yourself with some of the ideas we will talk about today.


The third installment of the series specifically addressed the idea of how rainstorms play a part in the rebalancing.  In that post we mentioned that the rain helps to prepare the land that will be sinking below the sea to adjust to its new balance.


Warnings in the US

Well, if you accept what has been being said by those who are predicting a rise in sea levels, it is not much of a stretch to see that much of the land on the Gulf and Atlantic coasts of the US will be going underwater.


We have also said that the inhabitants of the areas that will be going underwater receive warnings to move from that land before it goes down.  I am taking the recent US hurricane as that warning for the inhabitants of these areas.  The hurricane season is not yet over – there may be more warnings.


Let’s take a look at the land areas affected by these recent hurricanes.  During the last two months there has been at least one storm that has caused some sort of damage to almost every part of the coastline from the Texas/Mexico border all the way up to the Maine/Canada border.


Many places have received multiple damaging storms.  Even areas like New Jersey that did not have a direct hit from a hurricane experienced many continuous days of high winds that caused beach erosion.


We have mentioned that large amounts of water on the surface of the land help the land to prepare for sinking below sea level.  Think about that idea in relation to the parts of Florida that received over thirty inches of rain from one storm this season.  Also, consider that several of the Caribbean islands received multiple rainstorms in excess of twenty inches each during the last few months.


My interpretation of these events is that the land is being prepared to sink.  The inhabitants of the land have received their warnings.  Unfortunately, like so many of the other signs we are receiving, we are not acknowledging the signs.


Signs in Asia

The US is not the only place that is receiving these warnings.  I live here and am much more familiar with what is happening here.  Also, the US press considers this country to be the center of the universe and it has become difficult to get much news from the rest of the world.


However, there are a few things that do drift into my awareness.  The last few typhoon seasons years have been quite devastating for much of Asia.  During one recent year Japan was hit by at least 10 major storms.


This year there was a stretch of four consecutive weekends in which China was hit by a typhoon.  That is four typhoons in four weeks.  The US is not the only place that is receiving the warnings.  The US is also not the only place that is ignoring the warnings.


What to do

I hear you ask “What should I do?”  As we always say – first make sure you are in the moment.  When you are in the moment you will be guided by your true self regarding what to do.


Second – recognize the even the end of the world isn’t the end of the world.  Realize that you have lived many thousands of previous lifetimes.  You have many millions more to live both here and on other planets.  As members of the mission we are here to pursue our spiritual growth and help others pursue theirs.  This spiritual growth will be the only thing we will have to guide us as the major upheavals of the rebalancing occur.


Third – find a way to have fun.   It may seem incongruous to be having fun when we are facing such huge issues, but what else can you do?  How else do we keep our spirits up?  Relax, learn what you can, teach what others will accept, and enjoy yourself.  This is only one lifetime – but make the most of it any way.  You humor will also help others through the difficult times we face.


That’s all for today.  I would like to hear your comments on this post.


Until tomorrow –


Es kava turen hai

We work towards an identical goal.



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