Who Is in the Mission Now?

There have been some changes in the mission that has brought the crystal, indigo, and star children to this planet.  The other day someone asked me who is currently in the mission.  Today we look at the answer to that question.


Thankful Friday

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Who is in the mission?

The history of this blog has been to start with explanations of who the crystal, indigo, and star children are.  Then we talked about why they are here.  Then we talked about the planetary rebalancing.  Then we spent a lot of time talking about many spiritual topics – especially the concepts of true self and false self.


What ties all these ideas together?


The crystal, indigo, and star children are here for the purpose of helping us through planetary rebalancing.  They have encountered the traditional problem this planet has faced for countless millennia.  The false self controls everyone and everything.


As the mission has evolved this has been understood more clearly.  The differences between the crystal, indigo, and star children is primarily the manner in which they were trained to deal with the false self created illusions.  Before they got here , the first wave – the star children – was not trained to understand the illusions found here.  Some have been learning how to deal with these illusions, but most are still deeply enmeshed in these illusions.


The indigo children received a bit of training on how to deal with the illusions prior to their incarnation here.  However, the problem of the illusions was still being analyzed and their preparation was an initial attempt to deal with the issue.


The crystal children have received a completely different training on how to deal with the illusions.  The normal way to train the false self (followed by every other inhabited planet) is to train the false self from birth to listen to true self.


Because of the pervasiveness of the false self problem on this planet that cannot be done here.  The crystal children are actually being trained to push through from their true self and not allow the false self to gain control.  This is why they seem so different – they are exemplifying their true self.  They are open and understanding in a manner that is just not understood on this planet.


Why do we need to see through the illusions?

Aside from wanting to live a happy life, unless we can see through the illusions we will not be able to fulfill our mission to this planet.  When we cannot operate from true self and see through the illusions we mistake the illusions for our mission.  This will only perpetuate those illusions.


Operating from true self, seeing through the illusions, pursuing our spiritual growth, and performing our mission are all saying the same thing.  Our mission is to help the planet to understand the coming spiritual awakening.  That will help the planet get through the difficult times of the imminent rebalancing.  That spiritual awakening happens when true self sees through the illusions.


OK – so who is in the mission now?

I have come to the conclusion that we can no longer define the members of the mission as those who were trained specifically to come here and officially be part of the mission.  There have been too many members of the mission who have become enmeshed in the illusions.  We cannot restrict the members of the mission to only those who have received training prior to this lifetime.


Let us accept the postulation that the most important action that the inhabitants of this planet can take is to learn to see through the illusions.  Let us also accept the postulation that seeing through the illusions is the same as spiritual growth.


Now the members of the mission become the people who are placing their spiritual growth as their highest priority.  Seeing through illusions and spiritual growth are the primary concerns of the rest of Existence.  That is why it is the primary objective of the mission.


Those who make spiritual growth their primary objective

Because spiritual growth is a universal objective it makes sense that even on this planet it is not restricted to only those who are part of the mission.  What this means is that anyone who is pursuing their spiritual growth as their primary objective is a part of the mission.


What do we mean by spirituality?  On July 23 we published a post that discussed how we view understand the term spirituality.  Please read this post to understand our concept of this term.


Many times spirituality is mistaken for being religious.  One can be religious and be spiritual.  However, because one is religious does not mean that one is spiritual.  Spirituality implies an open mindedness that excludes doctrines and ideologies.


A spiritual person thinks for themselves and comes to their own conclusions.  Those conclusions are frequently at odds with doctrines and ideologies.  At this point the spiritual person has the choice of listening to their true self and following their conclusions.  The other side of that choice is to disregard the true self and opt for the ideologies and doctrine.


When a religion does not allow an individual to come to their own conclusions in their own way it has ceased to help the spiritual growth of that individual.  The point here is that we should not think that our religion will foster our spirituality.  We foster our own spirituality and we must listen to true self when we run athwart the ideologies and doctrines of our religion.



What we have gotten a feeling for today is that the mission of the crystal, indigo, and star children is about spiritual growth.  Spiritual growth is what will help the inhabitants of the planet see through the illusions and deal with the imminent rebalancing.  Anyone who is pursuing their spiritual growth as their top priority is actually a part of the mission.


We also heard about the difference between being spiritual and being religious.  When a religion imposes doctrines and ideologies that keep true self from pursuing our own conclusions it has ceased to aid in our spiritual growth.


That’s all for this week.  I hope everyone has a great weekend.  Thanks for reading this!


Until Monday –


Es kava turen hai

We work towards an identical goal.



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