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Thankful Friday

Our custom is to start our Friday post by giving thanks to those around us who have helped us recently.  This week I would like to thank those who have spent time in the last week helping me with my work situation.  I am between jobs right now and several people have helped me with prospects for a new job.


I would like to thank those who have helped organize and are attending the new Tuesday study group.  These individuals are very open minded are sincerely interested in exploring new concepts.  Thanks for being open to all the new ideas I am sending your way!


Finally I would like to thank WordPress and FeedBurner for the free services they offer.  Those services make this site possible.  Thanks!


We end this week with an explanation of my compass.  Are you ready?  Let’s go!


My Compass

Over the years I have developed what I call a compass.  This compass helps me navigate the stormy sees of uncertainty and doubt.  This compass gives me a true north unlike any other spiritual or religious practice that I have ever found.  Ever since I began using this compass I have always been able to steer myself in the direction that brought me to greater understanding, wisdom, and happiness.


I hope you can find a way to use this compass to steer to your greater happiness, wisdom, and understanding.


It is a simple thing

Occasionally I have explained this compass and received the comment “is that all there is?”  I reply that indeed that is all there is.  It is very simple.  The compass is easy to understand.  However, there is a bit of skill that is required to accept and follow the guidance provided by the compass.


We will start with an explanation of the compass.  Next we will look at a few ways to apply our understanding of the compass.


Does anyone remember our previous discussion about the reason that we exist?


The reason that we exist is to learn and grow and share that learning and growth with each other.


The only rule is that we do not interfere with the free will of another individual.  When we interfere with the free will of another we are interfering with their ability to learn and grow in the way they choose.


That is all there is to life.  For thirty years I have been applying this concept to my life as if the concept were a compass.  I have yet to find a more simple and logical compass.


The only times that I have gotten off track were those time when I did not follow the guidance of the compass.  I assure you that those times of being off course were when I chose the guidance of false self over the guidance of the compass.


Reading the compass

Here is an example of how I have used this compass to keep my life on course.  Next week we will look at more examples.


Over the last thirty years I did not pay much attention to politics.  I had a lot of stuff on my plate.  I was also learning to apply all the spiritual guidance I was receiving.  That all changed almost eight years ago.


I started paying much more attention to the political situation because I noticed that there was a group of people who were attempting to intimidate through the open use of fear tactics.  I recognized this as a false self behavior and decided that I needed to watch.  Some false self behaviors are more benign than others.  I needed to watch this situation to see if it was benign.


Over the course of a few years I noticed that this group of people who were intimidating through fear was also doing other things that caused me to pull out my compass to take a reading.


When I took my reading my compass told me that this same group of people was not helping others to learn and grow.  In some very public ways they said that they were helping people learn, but when you looked carefully at their actions they were actually helping only those people who agreed with them.


An additional reading of the compass showed me that they were clearly and deliberately interfering with the free will of individuals, especially those who did not agree with them.  These two readings told me all I needed to know.  I could not support this group of people.


What to do, what to do

OK – so what do I do?  My first action was to commit to watching the situation very carefully.  I wanted to know what this group of people was doing so that I could keep myself as protected as possible.  Please understand that this is not fear based.  This group of people is interfering with the exercise of free will.  If I stay informed of what they are doing I can exercise my free will while I drive around the obstacle.  I am not afraid of exercising my free will – I just want to make sure that if at all possible I am not running into an obstacle that I could have avoided.


The next thing I did was to talk to anyone who would listen to me.  Without proselytizing, without personal attacks, I attempted to explain the facts as I understood them.  Even now I talk about the behavior of the individuals, not their individual character.  In talking about their character I would be attacking them from my false self.  That would not lead to my true happiness.


Also, I do not care if people agree with me.  If I were to care if people agreed with me that would be false self behavior.  Remember – false self wants to be seen as being correct.  False self cares a great deal if people agree with it.  False self would have wanted to create a group of people who agree with it.


By getting caught in either of these two false self behaviors I would have been using my compass to point me in the correct direction, but I would have strayed into the shoals.  The compass will always point us in the correct direction.  We have to learn how to read it and not steer using false self behavior.


That’s all for this week.  Come back on Monday and we will learn more about my compass.  Have a great weekend!


Until Monday –


Es kava turen hai

We work towards an identical goal.



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