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Judge not lest ye be judged

This is another of those principles that are found in most spiritual and religious practices.  Today we will look at this idea through what we have learned about the concepts of false self and true self.


False self likes to judge

We will start by reviewing the idea originally posted on August 7th that false self has many attachments.  We looked at several different attachments in that post.  Today we are going to concentrate on how false self attachment to ideas leads to judgmental behavior.


First, a quick summary of how false self attaches to ideas.  As we have mentioned numerous times on this site, false self knows that it is not supposed to be in charge of the decision making for our life.  We do not train false self to listen to the true source of decision making.  All of the important decisions about our life should come from true self.


False self knows this and becomes fearful.  It looks for things external to it to cling to for reassurance.  It attaches to many things, its body, its possessions, and other people.  It also attaches to many ideas.


When it attaches to ideas it ceases to view those ideas objectively.  In attaching to ideas, false self has begun to view those ideas as a part of itself.  Now that it has come to view those ideas as part of itself any questioning or attack on those ideas is viewed as an attack on false self.  That is why when false self attaches to an idea it ceases to be objective – because it can no longer rationally discuss the idea.


Now let’s see how this turns into judgment.  I know it is not polite to talk about religion and politics.  That is because so many of us have such strong attachments to our religious and political ideas that we cannot discuss them objectively.  I am still going to use them as examples of how we start to judge.


I think we can all easily agree that many people get attached to their religious or political ideas.  When those ideas are questioned many people get defensive because false self thinks that it is being attacked.  Over time false self comes up with a method of attacking before the ideas, and therefore itself, are attacked.  That method is called judgment.  For the most part judgment is synonymous with prejudice.  Etymologists will note that they share the same root word.


Rubbing mud

Here is how false self uses judgment to perform pre-emptive attacks as a method of defending itself.  Let’s say that false self is a member of a religion that believes that rubbing blue mud on their bellies will help them achieve eternal salvation.


All of false self’s family members have adhered to the Belly Rubbing religion for as long as anyone can remember.  And, as far as anyone can tell all of these people have achieved eternal salvation because they rubbed mud on their bellies.


On the other side of the village there are a few people who rub green mud on each other’s backs.  They know that this will help them achieve eternal salvation.  They have always done this and as far as anyone knows, their ancestors have achieved eternal salvation.


The Belly Rubbers and the Back Rubbers are in constant conflict.  Each views that the other is wrong because they rub their mud on a different part of the body.  The fact that someone else rubs their mud differently is great cause for false self doubt.


Rather than face this doubt, false self takes the easy way out.  False self decides to make the judgment that no matter what other redeeming traits some one else may have, if they rub their mud differently false must dislike them.  The way one rubs their mud has become so important to false self identity that false self must be prejudiced against any one who does not rub the same way as false self.


I know this seems like an extreme example, but this is the way many of us approach our ideas.  If you substitute almost any idea from race, to religion, politics, economics, sexual preference, etc. you will see how many different prejudices are active in the world.  It all comes from false self being attached to ideas and thoughts.


True self is objective

True self does not have time for attachments to ideas.  True self will not become caught in prejudices.  True self does not lose objectivity when examining ideas.


True self knows that the reason that we exist is to learn and grow and to share that learning and growth with each other.  True self knows that when we lose objectivity we interfere with our ability to learn.  True self knows that any prejudice or judgmental behavior keeps us from looking at ideas that are limiting our growth.  True self knows that to grow in all areas we must be able to objectively consider every idea to see if that idea is limiting us.


True self knows that when we judge or are prejudiced we hurt another individual because we do show them respect.  True self also knows that at the same time we hurt ourselves even more because we interfere with our learning and growth, and therefore our true happiness.


That’s all for today.


Until tomorrow –


Es kava turen hai

We work towards an identical goal.



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