True Self is Always in the Moment

Today we will bring together the last two weeks of posts.  The reason why we want to be living from our true self is because true self is always in the moment.  But first…


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Thankful Friday

On Fridays we spend a moment thanking people.  This week I want to thank our readers who have kept with the blog through the email distribution issues.  Thank you for taking the time to read this blog.


This week I want to thank my regular Thursday “A Course in Miracles” study group.  For the past year and a half you have helped me understand my true self more clearly.  You have also offered me the opportunity to share what I understand and provided me a venue in which I could fine tune my explanation skills.  The weekly discussions are stimulating and thought provoking.  Thanks!


And as always, we thank WordPress for providing the free site for me to write and you to read.  Thanks WordPress!


And now, on to the daily post!


The Past Two Weeks

So, you are asking yourself why we have spent the last two weeks talking about true self and false self.  The simple answer is that when we can identify and externalize the false self behavior we are left with true self.


True self is the source of everything we want in life.  Our happiness can only come from true self.  Anytime that false self starts to feel happy it always becomes afraid of losing that happiness.  True self knows that happiness will never go anywhere.


Our self confidence also comes from true self.  False self sometimes thinks it is confident.  However, this is frequently an aggressive, “in your face type” of confidence.  False self tries to “prove” it is confident.  That is not true confidence.  True self knows that it is confident and does not need to prove it.


For the past two weeks I have been attempting to help us see the differences between false self and true self.  I have been attempting to encourage us to learn how true self behaves and for us to learn to start behaving in that manner.  I have been showing how false self behavior is always self destructive and encouraging us to stop behaving in that manner.


True Self is Always in the Moment

The idea of being in the moment is discussed in many spiritual and religious practices.  It is the reason that people are encouraged to meditate.  It is the basis of prayer.  It is the single most important behavior we can learn in this or any other lifetime.


Let’s put together what we have been saying for the past two weeks about understanding true self and how that relates to being in the moment.  Let’s start with observation.


All discussions about being in the moment touch on the idea of observing.  When we are in the moment we are watching what is going on in our lives.  It is kind of like we have a vantage point that is a few inches above and behind our head.  We watch what is going on but our thinking process is slightly disengaged.  We are participating in, but not confined to what is going on around us.


True self is that observer.  If you reread the postings of the last few weeks you will see that whenever we talk about how to recognize and overcome false self behavior we are talking about observing that behavior.  Then we reinforce by showing that this observation is coming from true self.


The reason for these explanations was to attempt to show us how we are frequently in the moment for very short periods of time.  When we are in the moment we see clearly.  We are calm.  We have no fears.  Then the chatter which comes from false self jumps in and we are out of the moment.


Learning to Stay in the Moment

We start to see that there are fleeting seconds when we are actually in the moment.  We start to recognize that we can be in the moment.  Now the task becomes to stay in the moment for longer and longer periods of time.  That is just a matter of practice.


Once again, I hope that you will reread the last two weeks of discussion about true self and false self.  There are many specific examples of behaviors that we all exhibit at one time or another.  Each behavior is pulled apart and analyzed from a true self and false self perspective.


We describe a false self behavior and suggest where it came from.  We show how to observe that behavior.  We reinforce the idea that by observing the behavior we are observing from true self.  We are learning to stay in the moment by practicing being true self.


As we have said several times, this observation period usually starts with a fleeting second or two that comes from our desire to find true peace and happiness.  Frequently we say to ourselves “There has to be a better way!”  By recognizing those fleeting seconds we gradually learn to be the observer for short periods of time.  Now it is a matter of learning how to become the observer for longer periods of time.


No one is saying any of this is easy.  Nor is anyone saying this is hard.  Each of us finds our own way to learn to be in the moment.  From my observations it usually happens when we become absolutely and completely tired of being unhappy.


Then there is a trigger of some sort that is an insight to our true happiness.  At that point we decide we are going to find our true happiness no matter what the cost.  Now nothing can stop us.  We can become distracted or delayed.  We can get caught back in the false self illusions.  But somewhere inside we remember our commitment to our true happiness and we become the observer again.


We continue on our path knowing that we are becoming happier by the day.  We know that no matter what happens we will always return to our path.  Now we have found our true self, our true happiness and we are in the moment.


That’s all for today.  Have a great weekend!


Until Monday –


Es kava turen hai

We work towards an identical goal.



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