True Self Sees Everyone as an Equal

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Now to the daily post.  Yesterday we talked about how and why false self creates attachments to people.  Today we look at how our true self relates to people.  Are you ready?  Let’s go!


True Self Does Not Attach to People

Our True Self has known since its creation that it did not need other individuals in order to simply exist.  It also knows that although help from other individuals is important, it does not need any particular individual for any help that it might require.


We all require occasional help to live our lives.  Also, we all help other individuals with their lives.  True self understands this and recognizes that attachments are not necessary.  True self knows that when we truly need help that any necessary help will be found.  True self does not need to attach itself to that help; it only needs to allow that assistance to happen.


False self is afraid to lose any help that might come its way.  Therefore it attaches to anyone who it thinks might help it.  Then it becomes afraid that the help might be withdrawn and attaches to the person perceived as providing help.  Frequently it will manipulate the perceived helper through blame, guilt, or shame.  The manipulation and the attachment spoil any possibility of a positive relationship.


True self knows we do not need to attach to anyone offering assistance.  We know that we can eventually resolve any situation, and that the appropriate assistance will always be available when we truly need it.  This inner strength and self confidence keep true self from needing attachments of any sort, especially to people.


True Self Treats Everyone as an Equal

Because true self has no fear of people and needs no attachments to them, we can treat each person we meet with the dignity and respect that they deserve.  True self looks at the true self in the people we meet during the course of a day. It knows that all individuals are children of the same Creator and are deserving of the same dignity and respect we want for ourselves.


True self does not look at and judge the false self which an individual is using for this lifetime.  True self always looks at and attempts to relate to the other true self that is operating the false self with which it is interacting physically.  As true self we do not allow the false self of another individual to cause us to lose our respect for their true self.


What we are describing here is the true meaning of treating everyone as an equal.  This is the way our true self relates to all other individuals.  This is how we want other individuals to relate to us, so we relate to them in the same manner.  Also, our true self does not care if the other individual does not return the same equality to us.


As true self we know that we cannot be diminished by any actual or perceived disrespect from someone else.  True self knows that we are doing just fine regardless of what anyone else thinks or feels about us.  Remember – it is the false self that cares about what others think about it.


True Self Knows That We Can Learn From Anyone

Do you remember back when we said that the purpose of existence is to learn and grow and then to share that learning and growth with each other?  Well, here is the link if you need a refresher.  Because our true self knows this, it also knows that it can learn from any other individual, no matter their level of advancement.


As true self we know that anyone we encounter during our day can teach us something, whether they know it or not.  True self knows that we have experience from which any individual we encounter might learn.


This is a very humbling realization.  We can all learn and grow from each other.  Therefore as true self we see all individuals as being equal.  We are merely attempting to learn from each other and help each other to grow.


This is the great engine that moves all of Creation forward.  All individuals treat each other with dignity and respect.  The primary purpose of each individual is to learn what they can and then share that learning with those around them.


The False Self Gets in the Way

As we have shown numerous times, false self is afraid of everything.  It does not like this idea of treating everyone as an equal.  It does not like the idea of being able to learn from anyone it encounters during the day.  After all, the false self  has to prove it is someone.  How can it do that when it has to accept that someone else might be right?


Any one who has read the writings on this site for awhile will recognize that we almost always come back to observing the false self behavior.  This is always the first step towards overcoming that behavior and learning to find our true happiness.  Today is no different.  Observe how our false self approaches other people during the course of your day.  Does it treat them as equals?  Does it think it can learn from them?


When we are observing this behavior we are being our true self.  True self knows that we must monitor our false self behavior so that we can train it to listen to true self.


True self wants to treat each individual with dignity and respect.  When we do this we are being our true self, not our false self.  True self knows that we exist to learn and share that learning.  When we are doing this we are being our true self.


The more we practice being our true self the more we gradually train our false self out of its fears and attachments.  As we learn to be our true self, the true happiness we seek comes closer.  There is no longer any room for the unhappiness that comes from our false self.


I keep imploring you to learn these methods of finding your true happiness.  Yes, it is a bit of work.  However it is important that we do the work.  I want nothing more than for each of you to find your true happiness much sooner that I found mine.


Until tomorrow –


Es kava turen hai

We work towards an identical goal.



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