Recognizing Our True Self – Seeing Through Fear

Yesterday we took an in depth look at where our fears come from and how to resolve them.  We heard a great deal about how the false self becomes fearful and then runs our life based on those fears.


Today we will flip that perspective and look at our True Self.  We will learn how to feel when our True Self is in control.  Are you ready?  Let’s go!


Learning to Sense Our True Self

We have spent the last two posts looking at the true self and the false self.  Yesterday we started to learn how the false self develops fears and then runs our life based on those fears.  This leads to a very unhappy lifetime.


We also looked at the idea of remembering previous times in this lifetime when we had experienced a fear and had overcome that fear.  In today’s post we will learn what actually happened as we overcame that fear.


When we look back at a previous fear, who is looking at that fear?  When we were actually in the situation when we overcame the fear, who decided to get rid of that particular fear?  The answer to both of these questions is our true self.


What we are learning here is how to glimpse our true self.  The false self cannot overcome a fear.  It can only go along with the fear and let the fear control it.  This is because the false self is based on fear and cannot resolve any fears.  True self has no fears.  Therefore it can resolve fear.  Whenever we have resolved a fear it has been an example of our true self stepping in and taking control of the lifetime at that particular moment.


Our true self is always calm, quiet, peaceful, and confident.  Whenever we are experiencing these things we are experiencing true self.  True self is a quiet little voice that is always telling us what to do.  It is always correct.  When we have conquered a fear we have listened to that voice.


We have all sensed that peaceful strength.  We have all seen the power that is there.  What we have not done is listened to that little voice long enough to retrain our false self.  Because false self is fearful it is always worrying.  That constant chatter in our heads is coming from our worrying false self.  False self has no confidence so it has to be constantly worrying about things. The only way it can do that worrying is through constant chatter.


Quieting the Chatter

We use many different methods to quiet the chatter.  Some of us use yoga, meditation, or prayer.  There are many great ways to learn to quiet the mind.  Please find one that is good for you.


Some of us use more self destructive methods such as drug or alcohol addiction.  Some of us use sexual relationships to quiet the chatter.  The self destructive methods actually increase the chatter because they create or embed more fear.


We can learn to quiet the mind through means like yoga or meditation.  However, once we have quieted the mind we need to start to recognize that the false self is still chattering.  We have made it easier to hear the voice of true self, but false self has not given up.


What makes false self start to give up?  When we learn to operate from that little, quiet voice of true self we gradually start to take back control from false self.  We hear something that true self wants us to do and start to do it.  False self becomes fearful and starts to tell us why we “can’t do that.”


At this point we can either give into the fears that false self is using to convince us that we “can’t do that”, or we can tell it to be quiet and trust true self.  Without knowing what we were doing, this is exactly what we have done every time we have overcome a fear in the past.  False self says NO!  We say “trust me”.  We resolve the fear based on that trust.


Now it is time for us to learn how to make the choice to deliberately behave in this manner.  We have done it in the past without knowing we were doing so.  To overcome our fears from here forward we need to recognize this process that we are already using.  The more we recognize and practice this process the better we will get at ridding ourselves of fear.


Recognize True Self

True self is the observer.  Whenever we catch a glimpse of false self being fearful we are seeing from the viewpoint of our true self.  Whenever we decide that we want to overcome a fear – that is a decision that is coming from our true self.  The more we can recognize when we are operating from true self the greater the contrast with false self will become.


At first we may become frustrated.  We catch a glimpse of our fears.  We recognize that we do not want to be fearful.  Then it all falls apart and we get caught up in the fears.  It may be days or weeks until we remember that we had even seen the fears.


Do not worry.  This is normal.  The important thing is that you observed the fears.  Then you remembered that you observed the fears, but got caught up in them.  Believe it or not this is an excellent start.  We all want the fears to go away immediately and become frustrated when they do not magically vanish.  Think about this – it took a few years to embed those fears in your behavior and it will take a few years to rid yourself of them.


How long will it take?  There is no answer for that.  However, the more we can learn to be the observer and the more quickly we can learn to get rid of our fears the sooner we find our true happiness.  Remember, it’s a journey, not a destination.  Relax and enjoy the journey.  We have been collecting fears for many years.  We have just recently decided to see through them.  It will take a little time to do so.


Summary – How to Recognize True Self

Here are a few points that may help us to recognize our true self.


1.     Practice being the observer.  Whenever we can see our fears we are being the observer.  When we are observing our false self, by default, that has to be from the viewpoint of our true self.

2.     Listen to that quiet voice.  False self is full of fear and that fear creates constant chatter.  We must learn to quiet our minds in whatever way is appropriate for us.  As we learn to listen to that quiet little voice we also learn to tell false self to trust us.  In time false self will learn to trust us.

3.     Practice, practice, practice.  We are learning a new skill.  It will take time to master this skill.  It is a process at which we will be mastering for the rest of our lives.  It does not matter how quickly we make our progress.  It only matters that we start.  Start now, not next week.  The sooner we get comfortable with this process the sooner we begin to glimpse what a truly happy life we can choose to have.


Please do not fight this process as much as I fought it.  Please start right now learning to observe your fears and accepting that you can overcome them.


Until tomorrow –


Es kava turen hai

We work towards an identical goal.



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