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Welcome Back

Welcome back.  I hope everyone had a fantastic weekend.  I had a few great conversations with friends and enjoyed a trip to our local farmer’s market for some wonderfully fresh fruits and vegetables.  Finally, Turner Classic Movies aired 24 hours of Charlie Chaplin movies which I captured on my TiVo.  I look forward to viewing a few at a time over the next few weeks.  If you feel like it, leave a comment and tell our readers about your weekend. 


As we get into the dog days of summer in the northern hemisphere, we are going to start to talk about the True Self and the False Self.  There are many common references for each of the selves.  Through the course of the week I will explain why I choose these terms.


Are you ready?  Let’s start learning how to tell the difference between our True Selves and our False Selves!


The True Self

Most religions and almost all spiritual practices have words that refer to the concept we will call the True Self.  Some of these terms are soul, spirit, essence, psyche, inner self, etc.  All of these terms are attempting to differentiate our nonphysical nature form our physical nature, or our bodies.


We will use the term True Self to refer to the nonphysical part of us that exists at all times.  It is our being that exists between physical lifetimes.  It is the repository of everything we have learned since our Creator created us.  It is what our Creator created – our True Self.


The True Self is always happy.  It always knows the right answers.  It is not attached to anything in the physical world.  The True Self never knows any pain.  When we are truly in the moment we are being our True Self.


The False Self

All of our unhappiness resides in the False Self.  The False Self is the source of all of our fears, doubts, anxieties, self loathing, and lack of self confidence.  In short, the False Self is where all the unhappiness resides.


Unfortunately, we think that we are our False Self.  My goal for this week is to start to help our readers recognize when they are being their False Self and show that we have a choice to be our True Self.  We can choose to be our unhappy False Selves or be truly happy by being our True Selves.


Why Do We Have False Selves?

It seems pretty simple – if we have a choice between true happiness and a False Self, why wouldn’t we choose true happiness?  Why would we have a false self at all?


At this point it would take a lengthy explanation of the specifics of why we have a false self and how it really operates.  I hope to make this a multipart posting on this site during the next few weeks.  If anyone would like to start discussing it now, please post your questions or comments and we can start a comment thread on this topic immediately.


For now, we will start with the following explanation.  The vibratory rate of our True Self is too intense for our bodies.  A significant portion of our brain is actually a multi-segment buffer that damps that vibration so that it will not fry our body.  The last segment of this buffer is the False Self.  Therefore, the False Self is entirely physical.  This is a good thing because that means that any of our “problems” in this lifetime end at death and that we will not carry them into our next lifetime.


Now, because the False Self is entirely physical its purpose is also entirely physical.  All the False Self is supposed to do is be the physical eyes and ears for our True Self during each lifetime.  Another function the False Self is supposed to perform is that of moving the body around.


Let’s look at this example.  Let’s say the True Self realizes that we need to meet with someone.  It tells the False Self to figure out where this person is, arrange a meeting, and take the body to the meeting.  On the day of the meeting True Self does not care if we walk, drive, or take a bus to the meeting.  As long as we get to the meeting True Self does not care.  False Self makes the decisions about how to get there and how to make sure we are on time.-


The False Self is strictly the physical interface which True Self uses during a lifetime.


Why Is the False Self Apparently in Control?

From the time we are born we are trained out of any real attempt at controlling the False Self.  We allow the False Self to more or less run our lives.  All around us are examples of people who have allowed their False Self to be out of control, so we think we are being normal by being the same way.


Over time, as we make attempts to control the False Self it rebels.  It says that it is in control and it will not allow us to retrain it.  What we need to do is retrain the False Self to learn to listen to our True Self as it directs what needs to be done in our life.


One final note for today about the False Self.  On other planets the individuals recognize the damage that happens to their physical lifetimes when the False Self is out of control.  They begin training their children from the day of birth on how to keep their False Self open and listening to True Self.  Everywhere else children learn very early to limit False Self to its appropriate duties and allow True Self to flow through and control their lives.  Our hope is to help The Crystal Children, the Indigo Children, and the Star Children to understand how to train their False Selves in the same manner.


That’s all for today.  Over the next few days we will start to look at how we can recognize when we are operating from our False Self as well as some techniques on training our False Self to function the way it should.


Until tomorrow –


Es kava turen hai

We work towards an identical goal.



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