Quo Vadis – Where Are We Going?


In today’s post we ask the question “where are we going?”  I have been writing this blog for six weeks and it is time that we take a few minutes and reflect where we started and where we want to go.  But first…


Thankful Friday

As is our custom on this site on Friday we extend our thanks to some of those around us for the help they have given to this project.


First, I would like to thank Havar for the inspiration and guidance he gave me during the fourteen years in which he was a physical presence in my life.  I would also like to thank him for the continuing assistance he has given me in the sixteen years since he left the physical structure that he was using on this planet.  I have never known a more patient, wise, and loving person.


I would also like to thank all of our readers who make the daily effort to read these scribblings.  I would especially like to thank those readers who subscribe to this newsletter on a daily basis.  If you would like to receive this newsletter in your email on a daily basis just click on this SUBSCRIBE link.


Finally I want to thank WordPress and FeedBurner.  WordPress provides the free site for me to write and you to read.  FeedBurner provides the free service that sends our subscribers the daily update as an email.  Thank you everybody!


Quo Vadis?

Quo vadis is a Latin phrase that means “Where am I going?”  In context here we will use it to mean “Where are we going?”


Where We Began

When I began writing this blog six weeks ago I knew I had to explain some background information.  This includes the posts regarding what Crystal Children, Indigo Children, and Star Children are.  Then we looked at the status of the project that brought the various groups here.  Finally we spent a lot of time looking at many of the specifics of the planetary rebalancing that we are beginning to experience.


I wanted to get all that background information published so that when it is needed it is there to be used.  That background information has never been the sole purpose of these writings.  That information is the context within which the rest of the journey is travelled.  If we were to concentrate solely on those sensational ideas then we would be guilty of paying attention to the side show and missing the main event.


Where We Are Going

The main event is finding our spirituality.  That is the true purpose of our work on this site.  If we were to have a mission statement it would be along the lines of “Helping those who identify themselves as Crystal Children, Indigo Children, or Star Children to find their individual spirituality and learn to live happily within a world that does not understand them.”  Or something like that.


I started writing about illusions and some of the other spiritual one liners that were published recently in order to start the true work.  Let’s take a look at an idea that is similar to some of the others that we have seen recently.


We are living on a planet that is caught up in illusions and does not want to learn to see through those illusions.  These illusions start with seeking happiness from an external source and permeate everything on the planet.  This planet is also beginning a rebalancing of all of its natural systems.  This would not be a problem to the inhabitants if they were able to see that their happiness comes from within.  Instead they view the planet as a large part of their happiness and the rebalancing is already starting to make many of them extremely unhappy.  To say the least.


Where Do We Start Our Work?

Given the two situations discussed in the previous paragraph, where should the Crystal Children, Indigo Children, and Star Children start their work?  Let’s look at a few options.


We could start by telling everyone about the coming rebalancing.  We would be correct that it is coming.  However, what purpose would it serve?  I have been trying to tell people about it for thirty years and no one really cares.  They are caring more now because it is becoming obvious, but they are insisting that it can be stopped.  We have some historical data to consider as well.  The biblical Noah was attempting to say the same things before Atlantis occurred.  The Bible tells us that he was not successful.  He had a much smaller audience then compared to now.  Why should we think we will be any more successful?


That leaves working with understanding that our happiness comes from within.  This is the same thing as becoming spiritual.  Should we go around and tell everyone how spiritual we are and that they need to do the same?  It seems to me that a lot of people have tried this throughout history.  Once again, why should we think we will be more successful?


We Start Where We Are

The answer is that we start where we are.  We say that we are a Crystal Child, Indigo Child, or Star Child and that our primary duty on this planet during this lifetime is to pursue our own spirituality.  That means that we pursue our answers and happiness from within us.  We learn to see through the illusions to find our true happiness.


We do not have to change our jobs, change our relationships, or leave our family to begin our work.  As we pursue our spirituality we will find answers to any situations that these things present.  The important thing is to find our spirituality and share it with those around us who are open to what we have to share.


Think about what will be the most important thing that this planet could have after the rebalancing finishes.  In my mind that would be a group of people dedicated to their spirituality and who are actively assisting others to find their spirituality.


This group of people needs to be from all walks of life.  They will need to be active within the community of the planet.  They will be doctors, teachers, truck drivers, factory workers, yes, even politicians.  They will need to exemplify the spiritual life in their daily life.  Their calmness, strength, and insight will inspire others who survive the rebalancing to seek their own spirituality.  Let’s start that group by learning to be those things right now.


Well, that’s all for this week.  We have finally taken a look at where all this is going.  We need to seek our own spirituality and become more involved in the community of the planet.  Gradually we will become the example that others will want to emulate.  We do not have to say anything.  We just have to be our true selves.  We will talk more about that next week.


Have a great weekend!


Until Monday –


Es kava turen hai

We work towards an identical goal.



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