Discipline Is Something We Do to Ourselves


Please don’t ask me where today’s topic came from.  I don’t know.  It just seemed like it needed to be said today.


Today’s idea for the Crystal Children, the Indigo children, and the Star Children is about discipline.  Hopefully we will see that discipline is something that we do to ourselves – not something we do to others.


Discipline vs. Punishment

It seems to me that our society has confused the idea of discipline with the idea of punishment.  All too often when we are using the word discipline we should really be using the word punishment.


When we are talking about doing something to someone else we are talking about punishment.  When we are talking about doing something to ourselves we are talking about discipline.


Why is this distinction important?  As we have discussed in previous posts, our happiness comes from within us.  When we punish someone, or someone punishes us, we are attempting to make them feel unhappy.  If they feel unhappy then we have successfully punished them.  They are allowing an external situation to determine their happiness.  We do the same thing if we feel unhappy after someone punishes us.


Self Discipline and Spirituality

So now we have the case of someone who has realized their happiness comes from within.  This person cannot be punished because they recognize that no external situation can take away their happiness unless they allow it do so.  When we are dealing with a person who has reached this understanding we must trust to their self discipline.


Internal discipline is an integral part of our spiritual life.  We are not talking about “following the rules” that society dictates to us.  When we do that we are allowing an external situation to tell us what to do.  Internal discipline teaches us how to follow the rules, but to do so because we “want to” not because we “have to.”


Let’s take a simple example.  As I have gotten older I have made a conscious effort to stop speeding when I drive.  Do I do this because I want to be safer?  No.  When I am on I-10 in west Texas and there is an 80 MPH speed limit, I will go 90 MPH.  I have learned that if I do 10 MPH above the speed limit I will not get a ticket, so that is how fast I travel.


I also obey other traffic regulations more carefully.  I make sure I stop at stop signs; I make sure I signal when I make a turn.


I follow the rules for my reasons, not because I am told to do so.  The main reason I follow the rules is that my life becomes much more complicated when I get caught breaking a traffic regulation.


If I get a speeding ticket I am out the time it took for the policeman to give me the ticket.  I am out the money the ticket will cost me.  I am out the extra money on my insurance for the next three years.  And I am out all the time required to deal with the ticket.


I still have things to do before this lifetime on this planet ends.  None of those things has anything to do with expending the time, energy, and finances necessary to deal with a traffic ticket.  Therefore, I have attempted to discipline myself to act in a manner where I will not receive that traffic ticket.


Understanding Our Priorities

Another aspect of discipline is how we can use it to follow our priorities.  The previous example of my approach to traffic regulations is an example of how to understand our priorities.


I understand that I have more important things to do with my self than to deal with traffic tickets.  This implies that I have set my priorities and having to deal with traffic tickets is not on my priority list.


When something is not on my priority list I attempt to discipline myself so as to not let that something become a task that I have to deal with.  Over the last few years I have managed to extend this into many different aspects of my life.


We can view all of these ideas as not wanting to deal with the “punishment” of not following the rules.  However, it is much more empowering when we can set our priorities and learn the self discipline required to achieve them.


Well – those are the thoughts for today.  See you tomorrow.

Until tomorrow –


Es kava turen hai

We work towards an identical goal.



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