Life is Doing Fine – It’s People Who Have Problems


“Life is doing fine – it’s people who have problems.”  This was said to me many years ago.  I was very depressed at the time and I would not allow anything to cheer me up.  So my teacher/guide said this to me hoping that I would see the joke involved and learn that my problems were of my own choosing.


Our message today for the Crystal Children, Indigo Children, and Star Children is a reminder that we should not take life too seriously.  Sure, there are many things that we see which need to be done to make this planet a better place to live.  Sure, we all want to do something to improve the place.  However, we need to learn to maintain our perspective.  Despite all the “problems” that we see life is doing just fine.


I have thought about this saying may times during the intervening years.  Each time I reflect on the ideas embodied in this phrase I see more truth and more humor in it.


The Truths

First, let’s look at some of the truths.  Life is doing fine.  Look around you.  There are most likely many sorts of animals.  First there are the pets.  Chances are you have a dog or a cat in the household.  They are doing fine, especially the cat.


Our dogs tend to take on our problems more than our cats.  If we have a problem the dog will be more likely to reflect the problem.  However, when we come home after not seeing our dog all day doesn’t he greet us with joy?  He does not have a care in the world.  Only if he senses we have a problem will he seem like he has a problem.


Our cats definitely do not have any problems.  Cats sort of care when we come home, but they are not demonstrative in the way that dogs are.  But they will definitely not take on our problems.  If we decide that we have a problem our cat says that it is most definitely our problem, not his.


How about the birds outside?  Don’t they get up every morning and start singing as if they do not have a care in the world?  That is because they don’t.  There may have been a tremendous storm last night but they carry on as if nothing had happened.


The same goes for the rest of the wild or domestic animals around us.  The deer do not mind that the stock market crashed yesterday.  It makes no difference to the bears that gasoline has gotten very expensive.  What does a whale care about how much a loaf of bread costs?


Now how about the plant life all around us?  They continue to grow without any care for the latest celebrity gossip from Hollywood.  What does a tree care which movie stars are sleeping with each other?  What do the cactus in Arizona care about the new TV shows this season?  What does a field of wheat care about which celebrity exposed what part of their anatomy on national TV?


The point to all of this is that there is life going on all around us.  Life is continuing just fine from day to day and from moment to moment without knowing or caring about all the things on which we seem to waste our thinking.  We are so self centered that we define life as what happens to us.  If we are having a bad day, then life is horrible.  Sorry, it is only horrible for you.  It is not horrible for me, for my dog, or the trees in the forest.  The rest of us are doing just fine.


The Humor

Second, let’s look at the humor of the statement.  It’s people who have problems.  I have been one of those who thought life was just terrible if everything was not going great with me.  Unfortunately I was looking at external causes for my happiness, and therefore I never found it.


I used to think life was just horrible.  I avoided it by using any escape mechanism that was at hand.  The more I attempted to run away from life the more it refused to go anywhere.  It was doing just fine and it did not need to go anywhere.  The joke became the more I tried to run away the more it just stayed there.


Imagine the old gag where somebody gets sticky paper stuck to the bottom of their shoe.  They put their other shoe on the paper and it sticks to that shoe.  Then they grab it with their hand and it gets stuck to their hand.  We all know the joke.


So that was me trying to run away from life.  No matter where I went, no matter what I did, it would stick to me.  Once again, it was doing just fine and did not need to go anywhere.  I had the problem and was attempting to escape the problem by running away from life.  The more I ran, the more I was back in the middle of my life.


The Punch Line

So what is the punch line?


The punch line is that we are all living.  Therefore, we are all doing just fine.  We just need to accept that we are doing fine.


If we would rather blame our problems on external causes, we can do so.  However, when we blame our problems on external causes we are attempting to run away from life.  And, as we just saw, we cannot run away from life.  It will find us wherever we are.  It will attempt to tell us that it is doing just fine.  It will say to us “You have the problem, not me.”


At that point we can start to admit that we have the problem and start to work through it.  This will gradually bring us towards finding our true happiness.


Or we can say that we do not have a problem, it is life’s fault, not ours.  As long as we continue to blame an external cause we will be blocking ourselves from finding our true happiness.


I sincerely hope that each of you learn this lesson much more quickly than I did.  I wish you a happy life and that you do not take as long to accept your happiness as it took me.


Until tomorrow –


Es kava turen hai

We work towards an identical goal.



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