I Have Met the Enemy and It Is Me

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I trust everyone had a great weekend. Today’s post is inspired by an old cartoon strip character that was in many daily papers once upon a time. The cartoon was called Pogo and we believe that he was the one who said “We have met the enemy and it is us.” Hopefully our readers will correct us if we are mistaken.

This post is similar in theme to the post last Friday that dealt with the holes we encounter on our spiritual path. At that time we looked at the idea of cleaning up the messes that we create and eventually learning how to avoid making the messes in the first place.

This post will explore the idea that we create more problems for ourselves than anyone else can. As we realize this, we learn that we can also be our own best friend. It is only a matter of self acceptance.

As Crystal Children, Indigo Children, and Star Children we can be great examples when we accept ourselves and take full responsibility for our lives.

I Have Met the Enemy
A few years ago as we were starting to recognize that we were gradually learning to avoid holes. We had taken a little bit of time to reflect where we had been when we started on our path. We also attempted to accept our then current level of understanding and recognize that we had much more path to travel.

We had reached a temporary plateau from which we could look back at where we had started, what we had learned, and make a few plans about where we wanted to go next. As we looked back at our path we realized that we had created all of the problems that we had to eventually fix.

As we came to this realization we were once again struck by another blinding flash of insight. Because we had created these problems we were our own worst enemy. That is when we met the enemy.

No One Can Create More Obstacles Than We Can
So there we were, looking at our most recent brilliant thought. We said to ourselves, OK – what does this mean? As we explored the idea, we realized that we had gotten in our own way more frequently and in a manner far more detrimental than anyone else ever could.

In other words, if someone had deliberately tried to get in our way for the last twenty years, they could not have damaged us more than what we had already done to ourselves. This was an interesting thought, and deep down inside we knew that it was true. To use the idea from our last post, no one could have made us jump into all those holes even if they tried. We jumped into the holes because wanted to do so.

It Is Me
At first we were a bit embarrassed about the fact we had caused ourself so many problems. We dutifully administered ourself a few dope slaps. Once we finished with self recriminations we went back to thinking about this insight.

First, we realized how important this insight truly was. We saw that when we finally take responsibility for everything that happens in our life, then we are no longer allowing any external situation to affect us. Isn’t this what we talked about a few weeks ago when we were talking about finding our happiness by looking inside?

Next, we started to feel much more empowered about our life. We realized that by saying that no one had any power over us we were in fact taking control of our lives. We saw that we were beginning to determine how we really lived our life. We could no longer blame any external circumstance for anything.

We were in control. If something happened it was a result of a decision that we had made. If the result was not what we wanted, we looked at how we had made the decision. By reexamining the decision we altered our behavior and eventually learned how to achieve what we wanted in the first place.

Use This to Empower Yourself
At first blush the idea of “I have met the enemy and it is me” does not seem to be very empowering. Once we think it through we realize that what it can mean is that we have gotten to a point where we can take responsibility for everything that happens within our lives.

We realize that when we have a “problem” it is something that we have created. If we created it then we can fix it. Eventually we see that no one can cause us more problems than we cause for ourselves. We deal with that by taking responsibility for everything that happens in our lives.

Once we commit to being ultimately responsible for our lives we take away any power we have been giving to any external situation. We empower ourselves by realizing that we have the ability to completely determine our destiny.

It Takes Time
Did all this happen to us immediately? Of course not. This was a series of thoughts that spanned several months. As we gained each insight it helped to clarify the previous insight. Once we put all the thoughts together into one coherent concept it still took several years to gradually accept it and start to adjust our behavior.

We learned not to be in a hurry. As long as we keep taking small steps we keep making progress. Eventually we take enough small steps to learn how to take the bigger steps. We each make our progress in our own way. Do not compare yourself to anyone but yourself. As long as you see that you are making small steps, do not worry. Everything will work out in its own time.

That is all for today. See you tomorrow!

Until tomorrow –


Es kava turen hai

We work towards an identical goal.



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One Response to I Have Met the Enemy and It Is Me

  1. 84735 says:

    We often miss the point that our consciousness is fundamental to reality and what we perceive !

    What we think is what we become !

    Thanks for the awareness you share with all !



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