Avoiding the Holes in the Road


Thankful Friday

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Avoiding the Holes

Today we will talk to the Crystal Children, the Indigo Children, and the Star Children about holes.  As we travel our individual paths on our journey of self discovery we frequently encounter holes in the road.  Sometimes we see the holes, sometimes we don’t.  Sometimes we avoid the holes, sometimes we dive right in.  Sometimes we climb out of the holes quickly, sometimes we decide to feel sorry for ourselves and wallow at the bottom of the hole in our self pity.


Today we are going to look at a few philosophies for dealing with these holes.  Before we go any further we will admit to having learned all the wrong ways to avoid the holes.  Frequently we were warned about a hole that was in our path.  So what did we do?  We jumped right in to see if it really was a hole.  Then we sat there feeling sorry for ourself because we were in the hole.


What we want you to hear is that we know from our own experience most of the holes that our readers are likely to encounter.  We jumped into them and then went on very long tours of them.  Then we learned how to climb out of the holes.  If our readers can benefit from our experience then it will have been worth it.


How Not to Deal With a Hole

We were very fortunate in the early stages of our learning to have a very wise and patient teacher.  This individual would stand there in front of a hole and quietly tell us that we were headed for a hole.  He would explain what the hole looked like and the adverse consequences of falling in the hole.


We would nod our heads in agreement and then take a running jump into the hole.  We just had to find out for ourselves.  So, of course, our patient teacher would stand beside the hole and quietly explain to us how to get out of the hole.  Did we listen?  Not on your life.  We were feeling so sorry for ourself that we could not hear anything being said to us.


We Have to Get Out by Ourselves

Our patient teacher would stand at the side of the hole and point out the handholds and the footholds we needed to get out of the hole.


We would sit at the bottom of the hole and scream to be taken out of the hole.  He would quietly say that he could not pull us out of the hole.


We would petulantly ask why he wouldn’t pull us out.  He would say he couldn’t because we had to learn for ourselves how to get out of the hole.  After all we got ourselves into the hole, shouldn’t we learn how to get out of the hole all by ourselves.  We were convinced that this was cruel and inhumane treatment.


Eventually we did start to see the logic.  If we got ourselves into the hole then wouldn’t it be a good idea to get ourselves out?  It took a number of years, but eventually we began to see the point behind cleaning up the problems that we had made for ourselves.


Learning to See the Holes

As we gradually learned how to get out of the holes by ourselves, we also began to learn that we could control whether or not we jumped into the hole.  After all, if we were going to expend all that effort to get out of the hole, wouldn’t it be a good idea to learn to see the hole before we jumped into it?


This was a stroke of genius on our part.  We had a teacher who was patiently telling us about the holes before we got to them.  He was telling us what they looked like, how deep they were, and how to avoid them.  After all, he was correct about how to get out of the hole; maybe he was correct about how to avoid them.


Unfortunately, this stroke of genius took several years to occur to us.  We jumped into many holes before we had this blinding flash of insight.  The upside was that we became extremely good at getting out of the holes.


Once we learned to see the holes for ourselves our excursions through them became fewer and fewer.  To this day we still take an occasional side trip through a hole.  These days we see them more readily and in general, get out of them more quickly.  In fact, we have made some progress.


Can Someone Really Help Us Avoid the Holes?

That is a very good question.  It all depends on whether or not we are good at listening and trusting.  We have to determine whether or not we will trust someone who is attempting to help us.  Even when we do trust our guides, sometimes we just have to find for ourselves.  Sometimes all the explanations in the world will not help because we feel that we need the direct experience.  So we jump into that hole to find out what it is all about.


What This Metaphor is About

What we are attempting to convey with this metaphor is that we are responsible for what happens on our own path.  We all have different guides and teachers who want to help us keep from creating problems for ourselves.  We all have to learn who we can trust to give us the best advice.


It is important to learn that no one can solve a problem for us.  This is because we created the problem and we have to learn how to both fix the problem and keep it from happening in the future.  It is like the old saying – “you created the mess so you clean it up.”  We need to learn to be responsible for our messes.


In time we learn that we can clean up any mess that we created.  We know that there is no mess that cannot be cleaned up.  As we get tired of cleaning up the messes we start to look at why we created the mess in the first place.  After all, didn’t it seem like a good idea at the time?


As we learn why we created the mess we also learn how to avoid creating it in the first place.  Now we will make some progress.  We spend less time in our messes, and less time having to clean things.  Our life just became infinitely more simple and we became infinitely more happy.


That’s all for this week.  We will see everyone on Monday when our topic will be:  “I Have Met the Enemy, and it is Me.”


Have a great weekend!

Until Monday –


Es kava turen hai

We work towards an identical goal.



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