The Main Event vs. the Side Show


We have looked at a number of different ideas on this site in the past few weeks.  In general we have heard about illusions during the last two weeks.  What we are trying to do is to help our readers feel when they are being caught up in illusions and help them to find their way out of those illusions.


Today we will address something that has come out of an email conversation that we have had recently with someone who reads the daily posts on this site.  The subject is one that all Crystal Children, Indigo Children, and Star Children eventual contemplate.  As always, we have encountered this issue ourselves and would like to share our perspective.


This conversation began when our reader sent us a link to a site that discussed beings from various galaxies.  It went on to explain the characteristics of those who come from each galaxy.  The site also names some important individuals in this hierarchy of galaxies.


Here is our response to the reader:


The Conversation

“We have a few comments in regards to the site recommendation that you sent.  These comments are by no means intended personally towards you.  You have only brought to the surface a topic that we have thought about and dealt with in differing ways for many years.


“We all look at the night sky and see countless stars.  Anyone with any semblance of an open mind realizes that there must be people out there, and that we are not the only populated planet.


“We have had the good fortune to be taught some of the basics about the way things actually operate out there among all those stars.  Those teachings in some ways correlate with some of the “channeled” ideas that other people talk about.  Most of them diverge greatly from what is commonly accepted here as the way things operate on other planets.


“Consequently we do not usually talk about what we know because it requires such tremendous explanation and it challenges so many “beliefs” that it becomes an exercise in futility.  Nor do we go about attempting to correct those whose ideas do not agree with what we understand.  In the end it makes no real difference.


“Why does it not make any real difference?


“As we have observed our growth over the last thirty years we have recognized that there is a “main event” and a “side show”.  The main event is being committed to looking inside ourselves to find our answers.  Once we realize that our power, confidence, and happiness come from within, we realize that this is the main event.  Everything else becomes the side show.


“What is the side show?


“When we get caught up in spending a great deal of time in ideas like those on the site you recommended, we are distracting ourselves from our true source of answers, which is True Self.  Placing our focus on channeling, ESP, UFOs, telepathy, soul travel, etc. is getting caught up in the side show, and is therefore another illusion.


“This illusion is just another variation of looking for our answers from an external source.  Whenever we look for an answer other than from within we are allowing ourselves to get caught in that illusion.


“We look at a site like the one you recommended and imagine the tremendous amount of time that was needed to create the site.  Then we wonder how much closer the site’s author would be towards finding their true happiness if they had taken the same amount of time to concentrate on understanding themselves.


“This is not a condemnation of the site or the author.  We are attempting to illustrate how easy it is to get caught up in the illusion and think we are doing something that is beneficial to ourselves, which in fact, amounts to nothing more than a side show.  We say this from the experience of wasting many years on such side shows.


“Now let’s imagine what would happen if a group of these people from another planet did suddenly appear here to help us?  What do you think they would say to us?  Would they tell us to continue to pursue our illusions?


“They would attempt to explain to us that we were caught in a series of illusions.  And we, of course, would tell them that they don’t understand how this world works. We would tell them that they will have to believe in our illusions before we will allow them to help us.


“In a way, isn’t that the conversation that we are attempting to start on this site?  Why worry about help from outside until we have learned how to properly control and help ourselves?”



Our Confession

With a few minor edits that was our response.  We spent many years pursuing the illusions.  We are embarrassed to say how many years we happily amused ourselves with the side show before we discovered the main event.


All we are attempting to do with any of the things we publish on this site is to help others to learn from our mistakes.  The reason we exist is to learn and grow and then to share that learning and growth with each other.  If we can share some of what we have learned in a way that it helps someone else from making the same mistake that we did, then the effort will be worth the trouble.



Because tomorrow is Friday we will be giving our usual thanks to those who are helping to make this site successful.


Also, we will be looking at how to avoid falling in the holes in the road as we travel on our path to spirituality.


Until tomorrow –


Es kava turen hai

We work towards an identical goal.



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2 Responses to The Main Event vs. the Side Show

  1. Bonesxxx says:

    Stop by and see if we are kind of on the same page.

  2. noahnow says:

    Bones –

    I checked out your sight and I think we have some very similar views.

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