What Is Spirituality?


This Week

We have thrown the term “spirituality” around a great deal in recent posts.  Today we will discuss what we mean by spirituality when we use the term on this site.  We have relegated illusion smashing to next week.  For the rest of this week we will be looking at some other subjects for discussion.


Current Usage

It is rather common these days to hear someone use the concepts of spirituality and religion interchangeably.  If we are spiritual we must be religious.  Consequently, if we are religious we must be spiritual.


To see the difference we will first discuss the concept of spirituality.


Spirituality Means to Live from Our Spirit

When we are learning to live a spiritual life we are learning to look inside of ourselves.  Inside of us we find our True Self or Spirit.  Some people also call this our soul.  Our spirit is the source of our happiness, self confidence, power, and guidance.  We discussed the aspect of looking inside for our happiness last week.


There are many authors, prophets, and great thinkers in general who have discussed the spirit at length.  We will not comment on those discussions here.  We will explain what we mean by spirit.


We each have a unique, indestructible, and everlasting part of ourselves.  This is what we call the spirit.  We have yet to discuss reincarnation at length on this site, but that conversation is coming soon.  Our spirit is the part of us that remembers what we have learned in all of our previous lifetimes.  It also remembers what we have learned in all of our nonphysical learning experiences.  In short it is the repository for all of our knowledge, wisdom, and experience.


When we enter a physical lifetime on this planet we are trained to forget any direct connection with that wisdom and experience.  We mentioned this when we talked about why the Crystal Children, the Indigo Children, and the Star Children forgot why they came here. 


We are trained to forget about our True Self (spirit).  We have a vague notion that something is not quite right.  We know that there should be more to us, but we cannot seem to find what it is.  Eventually many of us start a journey to discover our spirituality.


As we have discussed on this site, that journey is fraught with illusions.  Most of the people around us are caught up in illusions and cannot seem to admit that they are.  They exert pressures of guilt, shame, blame, etc. in an attempt to keep us from pursuing our journey.


Spirituality is About What Is Inside

As we begin our journey we usually have a number of misconceptions about what our spirituality is and what it will do for us once we find it.  One of the most common misconceptions is that we can become more spiritual by doing certain things.


Let’s make a list.  We can become more spiritual by:


Eating proper food

Doing yoga

Breathing properly

Being nice to people

Belonging to a particular group of people

Sleeping properly

Being more healthy

Learning about ESP, UFOs, crystals, etc.


What do all these things have in common?  These are all attempting to find spirituality by pursuing an external means.  If we are looking for our spirituality inside, how will eating the proper food help us?  Our spirit is not in our stomachs.  Through yoga we might learn to calm and quiet our minds, but without the proper understanding of how to use that mind we will not find our spirituality.


Finding our True Self is frequently a long and slow process.  It can take a bit of time to learn how to train our minds to see through the illusions that keep us from our goal.  It is far more easy to do the external things because that way we can prove that we are becoming more spiritual.


I have been a vegan for twenty years.  I must be more spiritual than I was when I still ate meat.  Maybe you are and maybe you are not more spiritual now.  If you want to be a vegan please do so.  Just don’t think that it will make you more spiritual.


I belong to this wonderful group of spiritual people.  I must be more spiritual now.  How do you know?  What makes these people more spiritual?  Why does belonging make you more spiritual?


Spirituality comes from living in harmony with our spirit (True Self).  That is inside of us.  Period.  The end.  Full stop.  ‘Nuff said.


Being Spiritual vs. Being Religious

As we have said so many times today, spirituality is about what is inside, not something we do about the outside.


With very few exceptions, religions are a bunch of outside rules, commandments, dogmas, etc. that tell us how to pursue our spirituality.  Religions (and other ideologies) concentrate on the rules of achieving our spirituality.  If we do not follow the rules then we are not spiritual.


As we have stated on this site, the reason that we exist is to learn and grow and to share that learning and growth with those around us.  The only rule is that we do not interfere with the free will of another individual because that keeps them from learning and growing in the manner that they choose.


Once we accept that there are external rules that can govern our internal spirituality we cease being spiritual.  When a religion tells us that its rules are more important than our pursuit of our spirituality it is telling us that their rules (which are external to our spirit) should control our spirit.  They are also taking away our free will.


This applies to any other ideology or methodology.  If someone tells you that they have a set of external rules that will help you find your spirituality then you must run, not walk to the nearest exit.  All that person wants to do is to control you.


Our spirit cannot be controlled by any external rules.


That is all for today.

Until tomorrow –


Es kava turen hai

We work towards an identical goal.



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