Breaking Illusions – I Have to Get Other Stuff Done First


Today we are going to jump right into the post.  Grab your illusion smashing hammer!  Come on Crystal Children, Indigo Children, and Star Children!  Let’s jump!


The Illusion

“I have to get other stuff done before I can concentrate on my spiritual growth.”  We have heard people accept this illusion for years.  We are also guilty of thinking in this way at times ourselves.  Let’s list a few ways this is said:


“I have to make some money first.”  In reality, until we see why we are making money we are making money just to make money.  Agreed, the current environment requires that we pay money for health care, rent, food, clothing, etc.


However, if we begin to think that we need a certain amount of money before we can concentrate on our spirituality we equate that spirituality to an arbitrary amount of money.  Then, when we do not acquire that amount of money, we postpone concentrating on our spirituality.  There is no reason, other than the ones we imagine, that we cannot pursue our spirituality while simultaneously acquiring the money we need to stay solvent in our current environment.


“My family does not want me to pursue my spirituality.”  To a degree we covered this in our previous post where we discussed the illusion of attempting to make other people happy.  Let’s take a look at this a little more closely as it relates to our spirituality.


When we pursue our spirituality we are actually learning to look inside of our selves for our happiness.  At the same time we begin to find that our self confidence, power, and guidance also come from within.


When we allow other people to tell us that they are not happy when we seek these things, we are allowing them to decide whether or not we are going to be happy, powerful, etc.  We all must learn how to handle these situations.  There is no one answer that will resolve all these situations.  However, we need to start to recognize these situations as they occur. 


We would like to discuss these types of situations with our readers.  Comments or questions from anyone who would like to share their experience with this type of situation would help to start that conversation.


“My life is too busy right now for me to concentrate on spiritual things.”  This statement is similar to the one about not having enough money.  In this statement we are saying we do not have enough time to concentrate on spiritual things.


The answer is similar to the one about money.  When will we have enough time to concentrate on our spirituality?  Also, until we have learned that our true priorities are set through our spirituality we are spinning our wheels to try to do things so that “some day” we will have the time to concentrate on our spirituality.


The Adverse Affect of the Illusion

The primary adverse affect of this illusion is that we put off finding our true happiness because we accepted excuses for not making the effort.  By saying we do not have the time or money we are saying that our spirituality is limited by time and/or money.  In fact, finding our spirituality will allow us to make informed decisions on how to properly acquire and spend our money and how to use our time in a manner that is in our best interest.


The illusion about our family or other people not wanting us to pursue our spirituality creates an especially harsh adverse affect.  It can be difficult to understand how to best handle this situation.  It is also one of the most common situations we have seen that keeps people from finding their spirituality.


As we have stated, this one can take a lot of discussion and work to learn to keep from affecting us adversely.  Please make any comments or ask any questions that you might have so that we can start the discussion.


The bottom line is that any time we say to ourselves that anything is more important than pursuing our spirituality we are allowing ourselves to be trapped in the illusion.  This illusion is extremely devastating. The more we learn to be spiritual the more we see through it.  By accepting this illusion we cut ourselves off from our own spirituality, thus keeping us from being able to see through the illusion.


How to Start to See Through the Illusion

If you have been reading this series on breaking illusions then you should have some hint as to what is coming next.  The best way to start to see through this illusion is to observe our thoughts.


Whenever we notice a thought that says “I can’t pursue my spirituality because…” we need to start to recognize that this is an excuse.  It is an excuse with very devastating consequences.


What do we do when we see or hear such a thought?  At first we may be only able to acknowledge the thought.  It may not be much, but it is a very good start.  By acknowledging the thought we begin to admit to ourselves that we are using excuses to not pursue our spirituality.


After practicing the recognition of our excuses for awhile we will begin to see how to take action against those excuses.  We may see that we do have enough time to pursue our spirituality if we turn off the baseball game, or refrain from an afternoon of shopping.


We start wherever we can by seeing through some of the small excuses.  In time we will learn the skills necessary to tackle the big excuses.


Eventually we will see that there is nothing that is more important than pursuing our spirituality.  We will finally learn that we cannot help but start where we are.  By saying we need something external before we pursue our spirituality we are giving in to an illusion and an excuse.


Our pursuit of our spirituality starts here.  It starts now.  We say “From this moment onwards there is nothing more important to me than my spirituality.  I will let nothing get in the way of me pursuing and living that spirituality.”


OK – time to put the hammers down again.  You are on your own to use them in your own life whenever you need to do so.  When you see an excuse, grab your hammer and smash it.  Tell yourself that you no longer need the excuse and by smashing it you are letting it leave your life.


Then smash the next one when it appears.



Tomorrow we will start to look at what we mean when we talk about spirituality.  There are many different concepts of spirituality, so we will take a minute to define how we are using that word on this site.

Until tomorrow –


Es kava turen hai

We work towards an identical goal.



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2 Responses to Breaking Illusions – I Have to Get Other Stuff Done First

  1. And if you don’t get on track with spiritual growth, you go in the other direction since things have a way of not staying the same…

  2. noahnow says:

    Paul –

    I agree that if we do not keeping going forwards we start to lose the progress we have made towards our spirituality.

    How do you characterize “going the other way”? What does that mean to you?

    Also, the post that has been scheduled for tomorrow is titled “What is Spirituality?” After looking at your site I think you might find that post interesting.

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