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Our original intention was to smash another illusion today.  We have had our hammers out all week smashing away at illusions.  We will put the hammers down today.  Let’s put our thinking caps on and we will review what we have covered this week.


Next Week

We will look at a few other illusions next week.  Later in the week we will hear about a few other topics that are of importance to our audience.


Put your hammers down and put on your thinking caps!  It’s time for today’s post!


Reviewing Illusions – Why we Exist

We started this week explaining to the Crystal Children, Indigo Children, and Star Children that we really can know why we exist.  There is an illusion on this planet that postulates that we cannot know why we exist.


This illusion keeps us from being able to find our true purpose in life.  There have been many individuals in the history of this planet that have manipulated others based on this illusion.  By learning to see through this illusion we begin to take back our sense of purpose and learn to see how to live our lives much more effectively.


The reason why we exist is to learn and grow.  As we learn and grow we share that learning and growth with each other.  The only rule is that we do not interfere with the free will of another individual because that keeps them from being able to learn and grow in the manner that they choose.  Life is really that simple.


Once we accept that we can know why we exist we can make the best choices for our lives.  As we make the choices to be constantly learning we advance ourselves.  As we help those whom we can help we put those lessons into practice.  Isn’t that a much more simple way to live?


Reviewing Illusions – Happiness

On this planet there are many illusions regarding how to find happiness.  This week we looked at three different variations of the same illusion.  We all have gotten caught up in the illusion of finding our happiness through external circumstances.


The first variation we heard about was the way we look to external situations for happiness.  We hope a situation will change so that we will be happier.  Sometimes we make an external situation change and hope to find happiness in the new situation.


We all know of someone who moved to a new dwelling or even a new city in hopes of finding happiness.  They found that they were just as unhappy.  Why?  Because they brought themselves along.  They did not understand that they were the source of their own unhappiness.


The next variation that we looked at was how we equate external objects and possessions to happiness.  One of the most common of the externals we seek for happiness is money.  We have all heard the old saying “money can’t buy you happiness.”  We all agree with the saying but we still continue seeking happiness from the money or what the money can buy.


We need to get ourselves to the point of recognizing that any time we are seeking happiness through objects or possessions we are making ourselves unhappy.  When we let an object bring us happiness we understand that the loss of the object will make us unhappy.  Shouldn’t there be a better way?


The final variation dealt with the feeling that when we look to other people to provide our happiness we once again are making ourselves unhappy.  We give our power away when we decide that our happiness is based on whether or not a specific individual or group of individuals likes us.


We give those people total power over whether or not we are happy.  When are we going to learn not to allow other people so much power over us?


Seeing Through the Illusions

As with so many of the things that we will be discussing on this site, we begin seeing through these illusions by observing our behavior.  Actually, we first must accept that our happiness does come from within.  When we do not accept that concept then the only thing that we can do is to learn to like being unhappy.  As long as we are looking for happiness externally we will never find it.  If that is what you want to do, go ahead.  Just accept that you will always be unhappy.


Now, back to observing our behavior.  We start by observing when we think that an external situation will make us happy.  Many times this is a relatively simple and innocuous statement.  “I sure will be glad when the weekend gets here.”  That seems to be a reasonable statement.


When we look at it more closely we are really saying that we are unhappy now because it is not the weekend.  It is also saying that when the weekend is over we are going to be unhappy again.  Don’t we deserve to be happy all the time?  By changing our thinking we can be happy all the time.


Another way to start to see through this illusion is to once again observe our thoughts.  This time we are watching for when we are unhappy.


When we notice that we are unhappy we ask ourselves why we are unhappy.  Then we wait for the answer.  We always get an answer.  However, many times we do not like the answer we get.  We usually discard the answers that we do not like.


That is fine.  Eventually we get an answer that we like.  We take that answer and use it as best we can to discover why we are not happy at that moment.  That unhappiness will always come from some external situation.  We then train ourselves not to give our happiness away to that situation.


We are describing a technique that can be used in all situations of unhappiness.  The more we use it the better we get at finding our true happiness.  Gradually we learn to not discard the answers that we do not like.  We learn that the answers we do not like hold the fastest and most direct way to our true happiness.  When we practice this technique we cannot help but gradually increase our true happiness.


Have a Great Weekend!

Well – that is plenty for one week.  We hope that everyone has a great weekend.  Keep those hammers at hand!  We will smash some more illusions on Monday and Tuesday next week.



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