Breaking Illusions – “If Only (Fill in the Blank) Would Change”


Today we will continue to break through the illusions.  Our illusion for today will be looking at how we allow external situations to control us.


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Do you have your hammer ready?  Let’s go smash an illusion!


The Illusion – “If Only (fill in the blank) Would Change”

How many times have we said to ourselves “If only X would change then Y would happen”?  How many times have we heard someone say “If only X would happen then I would Y”?


When we think like this then we are allowing ourselves to be controlled by an external situation.  If only someone would be nicer to us we would be happy.  If I only had more money then I could have a nicer car.


What we are saying is that if an external situation would change, then we could do something that we cannot do now.  Frequently we use that justification as an excuse for not doing something now.


Many times we also use this same kind of thinking to explain why we are not happy.  If something would change we would be happier, or so we think.  For today we will not discuss happiness and external situations.  That is a very common illusion and we will look at it by itself later in the week.


The Adverse Affect of the Illusion

“So”, we hear you say, “Everyone thinks this way.  What’s wrong with that?”  This method of thinking is devastating to our ability to develop self confidence.  By saying that we cannot do anything until an external situation changes, we are saying that we do not have confidence in ourselves to resolve the situation.


As Crystal Children, Indigo Children, and Star Children we know that we have the ability to master any situation we encounter.  We know that anything we decide to do can be done.  By admitting that an external situation has the power to keep us from doing something we give away our power and happiness.


Additionally, by giving an external situation power over us we are imposing limitations on ourselves.  Our Creator wants us to use the power we have to accomplish our objectives.  He wants us to learn that we have the ability to achieve anything we want to achieve.  When we give an external situation the power to control our actions we are saying that we do not believe we have the ability and strength that we actually possess.


How to Start to See Through the Illusion

As with many of the illusions, the first action needed to start to see through it is to accept that we think this way at times.  Some of us may think this way more than others, but most of us occasionally have this thought.


Once we recognize that we are limiting ourselves, than we must start to take some actions toward our goal.  Let’s use the example of buying a house.  We find a house that we really want.  However, we find some problem with it.  If it were closer to work we would buy it.  If we had more money we would buy it.  If it had a garage we would buy it.


Has anyone else done this?  We all have done this to ourselves countless times.


At this point what we need to do is ask ourselves how badly do we really want the house.  If we really want the house we will find a way to work out a more sensible commute.  We will find a way to bring in more money.  We would figure out how to build a garage after we bought it.


The point here is that if we REALLY want to do something we will find a way to do it.  When we start to say that an external situation (too far away, not enough money) is controlling us then we might be saying that we really do not want to do it anyway.  Or, we might be allowing ourselves to construct an arbitrary limitation.


How can we know which of these we are doing?  When we first start to practice observing this behavior in ourselves it can be difficult to tell.  Over time, as we get accustomed to looking at our behavior we can more easily tell if we really do not want to do something or we just do not believe that we can.


If we are creating an excuse and we really do not want to do something, then we should drop the situation immediately.  If we do not want to buy the house, we don’t want to buy the house.  Period.  The end.  Full stop.  Drop it immediately and start looking at other options.


If we really want to do something, then we will have a strong sense of being willing to do anything necessary to accomplish the goal.  (The ends never justify the means and we must always respect the free will of others.)  However, if we really want the house we might start to find a better job closer to the house, we might take a second job to bring in more money, or we might start to check into how to get a permit to build a garage after we buy the house.


The bottom line is if we really want to do something then we will have a strong sense of accepting the challenges implied.  We will know that we can strive towards our goal and that we will get there.


Use this sense of knowing you will succeed – this strong sense of confidence – to smash the illusion that an external situation is keeping you from taking an action.

You will soon see that when you really want to do something badly enough you will not let anything get in the way.  Recognize when you have those feelings because those are the most important objectives to pursue.


I hope this has helped us glimpse that we can take control of our lives and stop allowing the illusions to control us.  Keep those hammers handy.  We have more illusions to smash this week.



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