Breaking the Illusions – We Can’t Know Why We Exist

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We hope everybody had a great and safe weekend.  We have a lot of things planned for the blog this week, so let’s dig right in with our post for Monday, July 14, 2008.



So far in this blog we have spent a month discussing why the Crystal, Indigo, and Star Children are on this planet at this time.  We have looked at the differences between the crystals, indigos, and the stars.  We described their mission here of helping the planet understand and get through the disruptions of the coming planetary rebalancing.  We also looked at how people on other planets anticipate and work with their planets as they rebalance.  Finally we spent all of last week giving some indications of how the rebalancing will manifest.


We are finished with those subjects for now.  Comments and discussions are welcome, but we are not planning any new posts relating to those ideas for awhile.


This Week

The largest challenge that the Crystal Children, Indigo Children, and Star Children face on this planet is to learn to break through the illusions.  We all know there are things that are very improper in the way this planet functions.  The trick is to understand the illusions that are causing the problems and start to learn to see through them.  This week we will start to do just that.  This might even go into next week.


Are you ready for today’s post?  Grab your hammer and let’s start smashing illusions!


The Illusion – “We Can’t Know Why We Exist”

It seems that the best place to start is with the illusion that we cannot understand why we exist.  If we do not understand why we exist how can we start to take control of and direct our lives?


For all of recorded history philosophers, religious figures, and scholars have attempted to answer the question “Why do we exist?”  I am sure everyone reading this has asked themselves the same thing.  Don’t you think everyone else who has ever lived on the planet has also asked themselves the same question?


Over time and for a variety of reasons different people have postulated different answers to this question.  Most of the time those answers were, to one degree or another, self serving.  There were so many answers and those answers were so nebulous that there has never really been any consensus regarding the question of why we exist.  Also, by the physical methods to which we cling so strongly, there is no proof of any of these answers.


The Adverse Affect of the Illusion

There are many adverse affects of this illusion.  We will discuss a few of them here.


First, when we do not know why we exist, how can we have any true confidence in the choices we make in our lives?  In other words, by not seeing the purpose of our lives how can we know if we are doing the things that will align with our purpose.  This is one of the places our confidence begins to ebb and fear moves in to replace that confidence.


Second, by accepting the idea that we cannot know why we exist and losing our confidence, we become much easier to manipulate.  Deep down inside we know there must be a purpose to our life but without any confidence, or worse, with all of our confidence replaced by fear, we follow anyone who can convince us that they know why we exist.  In the end we wind up doing what they want us to do with our lives, not what we want do with it.


Third, we do not have a way to guide ourselves through the other illusions.  In thirty years of learning to break this illusion, your humble author has learned that by breaking through this illusion we can use the same technique to see through many of the other major illusions.


How to Start to See Through the Illusion

In order to break through this illusion we must first accept that it is possible to know why we exist.  This will be a stretch for some people.  Many of us are convinced that we cannot know why we exist.  Most likely, those who think in this manner will not be open to the possibility that we can know why we exist.  Others of us want to know this answer very badly because somewhere inside we know that there must be an answer.


The answer is:


We exist to learn and grow; as we learn and grow we share that learning and growth with each other.


That is all there is to it.  Life is really that simple.


There is only one rule that accompanies this:


We do not interfere with the free will of another individual.  When we interfere with an individual’s free will then we keep them from learning and growing in the manner that they choose.


That is all there is to life.  Honestly.  The rest is complicated only because we want it to be complicated.


It is so simple, but, on this planet, it sounds so strange to many people.  Why should life be any more complicated than those few simple words and concepts?


Use This as a Compass

We have used this simple and crystal clear concept to guide our spiritual and personal growth for almost thirty years now.  We are not attached to it.  If someone can show us a simpler way to live, we will gladly accept that example.  As of yet no one has shown us a more simple way to live.


When we attempt to clarify and illuminate many of the New Age concepts, we always use this idea.  When we are faced with a situation where we are deciding which politician to support, we choose the one that to the best of our understanding is helping to improve the ways people can work together more effectively.  We always choose for situations where people are either improving themselves or helping each other.


We have used this simple but extremely powerful idea to see through countless illusions and help make innumerable decisions.  After doing this for thirty years we are much more happy.  We are also much more in the moment.


Hopefully this idea will help you as well.  Please post any questions or comments you may have.


Don’t let your hammer get too far away.  We will be back tomorrow to smash more illusions.



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