How the Rebalancing Will Manifest pt 5

Thankful Friday

As is our custom on this blog, we express our thanks on Friday.  We attempt to do it at other times, but in case the week has been very busy we take the time on Friday.


This week we want to thank all the readers who expressed their appreciation for our work here.  We received several direct emails and several comments.  Everyone is busy and we want to thank everyone who took time from their day to communicate with us this week.


We also want to thank WordPress.  They make this site free to us, and they make it free to the readers.  Thank you WordPress!


Finally, we want to thank all the people on the planet who are waking up and finding their own path.  It is through this individual awakening and personal discovery that we will make this planet a better place to live.


Final Post on Rebalancing

This will be the final post about rebalancing for awhile.  We have posted plenty of material to get us started discussing this subject in depth.  Should anyone wish to discuss this subject at greater length just submit a comment to get it started.


Next Week

There are many illusions in which we unwittingly find ourselves caught.  Part of the responsibility of each Crystal Child, Indigo Child, and Star Child is to learn to see through those illusions.  As they see through those illusions they will then start helping others see through them.  Next week we will start to look through those illusions.


We will finish up today’s post with a few more indications of how the rebalancing will manifest itself.


Are you ready?  Let’s go!


Large Rainstorms

In this blog we are attempting to separate rainstorms from windstorms.  Each performs a specific function during a rebalancing.


We have all seen an increase in large rainstorms around the planet during the last five or so years.  For example, there was continuous flooding in the Midwestern section of the US this spring.  China has experienced tremendous flooding recently.  Hurricane Katrina was only one of several hurricanes to cause heavy flooding in the US in the last few years.


Our scientists are attempting to predict where these types of storms will occur.  Because they are using an imperfect understanding of the underlying cause of these storms they will not be successful in predicting them.  Large rainstorms will occur in many palaces that we would not normally expect to see such storms.  It is all driven by what is needed by the rebalancing, not our climate models.



In recent years, Asia, Europe, and the Americas have all seen unusually high instances of major cyclones, typhoons, and hurricanes.  These will come and go as needed.  Once again we have been attempting to predict when and where they will occur.  Like predicting the rainstorms, we do not understand what is happening so we will not be able to predict them.


A good example of a windstorm that appears to have occurred for the purpose of knocking things down was the recent typhoon in Myanmar.  If you look at our previous descriptions of windstorms knocking over buildings and trees as preparation for rebalancing, this storm seems to have done so.  Most large storms knock over trees.  We will be seeing more windstorms that affect more buildings and trees over larger and larger areas.



Last year Comet McNaught seemed to appear out of nowhere.  There were other unexpected comets in 1996 and 1997.


During the last twenty years we have a history of discovering new comets.  We assume that these comets have always been regular visitors to our planet.  We explain that there was no one around before to see them or record those visits.  At least those records have not been discovered.


Once again, we are attempting to explain phenomena by assuming we understand how it occurs.  No one has yet come to the conclusion that there might be a reason why all these comets are appearing unexpectedly or that the reason might have anything to do with the planetary rebalancing.


Earthquakes & Volcanoes

As with the other indications described in this section, earthquakes and volcanoes are hard to predict.  They seem to occur somewhat randomly.  Talking about any increase in number, frequency, or magnitude tends to be somewhat difficult.


At this time there appear to be no observations of definitive increases in either volcanoes or earthquakes.  If this begins to change then that will be one additional indication that the rebalancing is getting closer.  When our news media begin to start to talk about more frequent and larger earthquakes and volcanoes take it as an additional sign that we need to be preparing for the rebalancing.


In the meantime, here is an unexpected occurrence at the most active volcano in the world.  This link will take you to a video of a large fountain of lava that erupted from the Kilauea volcano in Hawaii earlier this week.



There are always a few warnings before any land sinks.  Most of the time the inhabitants of the planet receive and understand the warnings.  Sometimes they don’t.  For example, let’s look at the state of California in the United States.


It was quite common for about ten years during the 1960s and 1970s to hear references to “California falling into the ocean”.  These references may be around now, but I have not heard one recently.


Where did this idea originate?  Let’s just imagine that it was a warning that people started receiving telepathically.  So what did we do with this message?  We started talking about it.  And inevitably, we discounted it as something too improbable to comprehend.


Let’s imagine that California will be sinking below the ocean during rebalancing.  Considering the previous discussion on this blog, what signs might we be seeing to help us make a decision?


Here is a document from a California insurance organization.  Take a look at the one major earthquake but numerous wild fire and wind/flooding disasters.  This list appears to end in 2005.  We all know there have been many more windstorms and fires since then.


Earthquakes – we have talked about earthquakes being a part of rebalancing.  California is well known for earthquakes.  The most recent large one was the Northridge quake in 2004.


Removing individuals from the trees – in an earlier post we heard about how the individuals who are spending their lifetimes as trees and other large plants are removed from those plants prior to rebalancing.  We also saw that those trees and large plants were blown down prior to rebalancing.


Let us imagine that there is no good way to remove the individuals from the trees in California.  They must be removed and the remaining physical structure blown over or removed.  How about doing this through fires and windstorms?


One more thought on this point.  There has been some anecdotal evidence of unexpected tree death in California.  What if this is part of the larger force of rebalancing gradually manifesting itself?


Rainstorms – Rainstorms can be another indication that rebalancing is progressing.  As evident in this document, California has had its share of rainstorms in recent years.


Land beginning to sink – in the eastern part of California there are areas of land that are already significantly below sea level.  Parts of the Salton Sink and Death Valley are at least 200 feet (65 meters) below seal level.


As we have said before, we are not necessarily attempting to make any predictions here.  However, California is exhibiting many of the signs that we were taught to recognize as signals that the rebalancing was beginning.  You will have to come to your own conclusions.


That is all for this week.  Thank you for reading the blog.  Don’t forget, next week we will start to take a look at the illusions we need to start working through.


Have a great weekend!



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