How the Rebalancing Will Manifest pt 3


Today we will continue our explanations of how the rebalancing will manifest itself.  Once again, these are situations with which the Crystal, Indigo, and Star Children are very familiar.  They have experienced planetary rebalancing many times before.  They were also trained to come to this planet at this time to help us with our rebalancing.


Next Week

By Friday we will have spent two weeks looking at many different aspects of the planetary rebalancing.  That should be enough for now.  If anyone has any questions or comments please submit them and we can discuss the subject in greater detail.


Next week we will start taking a look at the illusions that so easily entrap the Crystal, Indigo, and Star Children.  These illusions are not encountered on other planets because people are trained out of them from birth.  Here, we are trained into them.  So starting next Monday we will begin looking at how we can learn to see through those illusions and by example help others to do the same.


Are you ready for today’s post?  Let’s go!



Once again, in previous posts to this blog we saw how on other planets windstorms were an essential part of the rebalancing.  The trees and buildings that are left behind when people move to safe areas need to be blown over.  Large and powerful windstorms do the job.


Many times our large windstorms are associated with large rainstorms.  We will approach them separately because wind and water play two different roles in rebalancing.



Water plays a major role in helping a planet to rebalance properly.  The primary function that water plays is to carry the minerals and elementals needed to rebalance the soil and subsurface of the land.


Imagine the power of water to dissolve minerals and other compounds.  Now imagine that water seeping down through the entire surface of the earth.  As the preparations are finalized for the land to sink it receives some elementals and other compounds that will aid in rebalancing it once it sinks.  As the land that is submerged rises it also receives a few elementals and compounds that will enable it to finalize the proper balance.


All this carrying of compounds and elementals is done by water.  There are tremendous rainstorms that create large flows of water on the land and under the land.  What we call aquifers are the primary means of carrying the various elementals and compounds below the surface of the land.  Also, large amounts of water on the land that has yet to sink will help it prepare for being underwater.



Where do the elements needed for rebalancing come from?  During our discussions regarding rebalancing we talked a lot about elementals and compounds that are needed for rebalancing.  It is very clear that this planet will need a lot of different compounds to finalize its rebalancing.  How will they get here?


There are two main ways for the compounds and elements to enter the planet.  First they come from the sun.  The sun is a major force to stabilize balance through the solar system.  The sun will begin to emit the necessary elementals as the planet rebalances.  These elementals will be carried on the solar wind and enter the planet through the atmosphere.


The other major source of the elementals required for achieving proper balance is comets.  A comet has a very long and eccentric orbit.  As it travels far away from the solar system it is gathering the elementals needed for rebalancing.  When it reenters the bounds of the solar system it begins to drop those elementals off.  Sometimes they enter the planetary atmosphere directly.  Sometimes they are adjusted by the solar winds and then enter the atmosphere.  Either way, comets are a primary source for the building blocks required to achieve proper planetary rebalancing.


Well, that’s all for today.  Remember, next week we will start to take a look at the illusions in which so many of us feel trapped.  These are the stumbling blocks that prevent so many of us from accomplishing what we came here to do.  It should be a great week.


Until tomorrow…


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