How the Rebalancing Will Manifest pt 1


Last week we spent some time looking at how rebalancing occurs on other planets.  Then we heard about some of the things we can do on this planet to prepare ourselves.  In this, we touched on the idea that the most important thing that we can be doing is to learn to stay in the moment.  We also talked about accepting the changes.


In general, these are the two most important things that we can do that will help improve the quality of life on this planet.  By staying in the moment we learn to listen to ourselves and use the tremendous power that each individual has available to them.  By accepting the changes as they happen we learn how to more quickly adjust to them and work with them.  Fighting them will only cause unhappiness.


How will we see the Changes?

We will take a minute to summarize some of the earlier posts in this blog.  In our first post we heard that the Crystal, Indigo, and Star Children were trained prior to this lifetime to assist this planet through the imminent rebalancing.  In the next few posts we saw some of the detail about their training and what we can be doing to begin dealing with the rebalancing.


Finally we got to some of the detail about some of the signs that we are starting to see on this planet.  Let’s review those:


Atmospheric Changes

Currently there are groups on this planet that are debating whether or not the atmosphere is changing because of our industrialization of the planet.  One side says that we are causing an increase in greenhouse gases.  They contend that if we stop our pollution of the air by decreasing our output of these gases then we will retard or stop the increase in global warming.


There is another contingent that is finally starting to admit that the climate is changing.  They denied the existence of climate change for many years, but are now realizing that something, in truth, is happening.  However, they say that this is a natural occurrence and that we can do anything we want to the atmosphere and the environment in general.  They see that eventually the environment will adjust and take care of cleaning itself up.


We were first exposed to the discussion of this idea of rebalancing in 1981.  What we were told was that as the rebalancing began in full force the change in the atmosphere would be blamed on fossil fuels.  At that time it was predicted that eventually fossil fuels would be banned because they were thought to be causing the major disruptions of the rebalancing.


Well, here it is twenty seven years later and it sure looks like we are fulfilling that prediction.  We have one camp that is saying that we have to reduce fossil fuel usage.  Eventually they will want to ban them completely.


In the meantime the planet is rebalancing the way it needs to.  It is gradually changing the atmospheric balance.  The current atmospheric balance is about 78% nitrogen, 21% oxygen, and the rest other gases.  We will eventually reach a balance of roughly equal parts nitrogen and oxygen and between 5% and 10% each of carbon dioxide methane.  This will have an affect on all species of land and animal life on the planet.


Implications of Atmospheric Change

Over the next few hundred years we will see the evolution of plants and animals as the physical structures adapt to the new balances.  This means that we will see large numbers of most major species of plants and animals die off.  Our much vaunted genetic engineering we will be of no use because that assumes we understand what the new species should be.  It will take a lot of being bashed about before our scientists will change this assumption.


Anything that is attempted through human intervention will be futile.  What we need to do is learn to take care of ourselves and watch as the new planet and animal species evolve out of the newly created and proper balance of the planet.


Eventually we will see the human physical structure begin to evolve as well.  This will happen because the balance of the air we breathe will change.  It will also happen because there will be new species of plants that we will be eating.  Because their balance has changed, so will ours.  At first these changes in the human body will be blamed on birth defects and we will expend a great deal of energy agonizing over these changes and trying to find a way to prevent them.  Once again, the best approach will be to learn to take care of ourselves and observe the changes with an open mind.  As the evolution completes we will know how to adjust to the new balance.


We Repeat

Once again, we implore you to stay in the moment.  Out intention is not to scare anyone.  We have looked at these predictions and watched the planet struggle with the environment for twenty seven years.  We have wondered when it would be the correct time to publish what we understand along with our observations.  Now is the time.


During those twenty seven years we also expended a great deal of time learning how to stay in the moment.  As we have stressed throughout this blog, we cannot over emphasize how much this is a key to understanding how to learn to adjust to the rebalancing.  It may seem like we say that all the time.  Well that is true.  We do say it all the time.  It is the only way we see that the population of the planet will get through the disruptions with any kind of hope.


That is all for today.  Tomorrow and Wednesday we look at more details of how the rebalancing will manifest itself in our daily lives.


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