How do We Prepare for Rebalancing? pt 1


This week we have heard about how other planets prepare for rebalancing.  We discussed how evolved planets plan for and adjust to rebalancing.  We touched on how evolving planets are assisted during rebalancing.


Our next two posts will explain how we can learn to adjust to the planetary rebalancing that will be taking place here.


What Do We Do?

As we have seen in our last few posts there are many moving pieces involved in a planetary rebalancing.  We have looked at scenarios where the population of the planet is very small compared to ours, the people are aware of the rebalancing, and they willingly work with the situations as they occur.  That seems like a pretty tall order for this planet to achieve at this time.  What is the best way for Crystal, Indigo, and Star Children to start preparing for the rebalancing?


As we have worked with our own personal advancement during the past thirty years we have struggled to find the best way to explain what is going on.  We have also searched for the best medium.  This may not be the best way to explain things, and it may not be the best medium, but now it is more important to get started than continue to “try” to find the best time and place.


Stay in the Moment

It may seem trite.  It may sound simplistic.  You may see more important things that need to be done.  You may feel that there must be better ways to do this job.  However, we have yet to find a better first step.


An earlier blog post talked about staying in the moment.  We still cannot stress strongly or frequently enough the importance of staying in the moment.  This is still the most important thing that we can do to cope with the coming disruptions.


As inhabitants of this planet our primary objective needs to be to stay in the now.  Being present, stay in the moment, be here now; however you phrase the concept it is the same thing.  This idea has been the primary focus of many spiritual and religious disciplines for many centuries.


When we are in the moment our fears have no sway over us.  That will be an important asset as the major disruptions become frequent.  Also, when we are in the moment our actions are no longer fear based.  By acting out of confidence rather than fear we will be effective, not counterproductive.


When we are in the moment we will see the rebalancing for what it is – a part of a natural cycle that this planet needs to complete.  When we are not in the moment we will feel the need to fight the rebalancing.  The natural forces that will sweep across this planet will be far greater than we can imagine.  If we are not in the moment we will become fearful and lose control of ourselves.  Then we will not be able to help anyone, especially ourselves.


Once again – stay in the moment.  If you do nothing more in preparation for the rebalancing than learn to stay in the moment then you will be far more prepared than almost everyone else on the planet.


As mentioned elsewhere on this blog, the best instruction on how to stay in the moment that we have recently seen has come from Eckhart Tolle.  His book “A New Earth” has helped many people.  Oprah Winfrey did a series of 10 videos that were 90 minutes in length.  You can find these videos at Oprah’s Book Club.  You will need to register with the site to view the videos.  These are excellent learning tools because they involve viewers calling in and discussing questions at length with Oprah and Eckhart.  We highly recommend this series of videos as the best way to learn to stay in the moment that we have seen in a long time.


We are not affiliated at this time with either Eckhart Tolle or Oprah Winfrey.  We receive no incentive whatsoever from recommending their books and videos.  We sincerely think the concepts they convey are important for everyone on this planet to be learning at this time.



As is becoming our Friday custom, tomorrow we will take a moment to thank those around us.  It is so easy to get caught up in the perceived importance of everything that we do not take the time to express our thanks.  We will attempt to remember to do that each Friday and whenever else we find it appropriate.


We will also write a few paragraphs about the Independence Day celebration in the United States.  Those on whose shoulders we are standing were adamant about freedom and have inspired countless individuals on this planet in the last 230 years.


Finally, we will get back to the main purpose of the blog.  We will see how the concept of acceptance is crucial to dealing with disruptions that are coming our way.



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