How Other Planets Handle the Rebalancing pt 3


So far this week we have looked at what types of activities occur on an evolved planet during rebalancing.  The Crystal, Indigo, and Star Children have been trained to assist with the same type of activities on this planet.


Today we will hear how a rebalancing progresses on a planet that is still evolving.  This type of situation is most similar to our planet.


Planets That Have Not Evolved

Just as there are many planets that have evolved and are part of the organized group of planets working together, there are many planets that have not yet evolved.  These planets fall into two basic categories.  One type of planet is populated with higher level physical structures (we sometimes call this a humanoid structure) as well as plants and animals.  The other only has plants and animals as inhabitants.


Planets With Only Plants and Animals

When a planet has only plants and animals as inhabitants the work of moving them to safety is done entirely by visitors to the planet.  Some of our older and wiser brothers and sisters visit the planet with their spacecraft and set up a temporary base.  They then perform the same tasks as the inhabitants that an evolved planet would perform in preparation for rebalancing.


Because they are only dealing with plants and animals they do not have to deal with moving people around.  Nor do they have to concern themselves with any buildings.  They set up shop in one of the safe areas and then fan out through the planet.  These workers remove the individuals from the plants and herd the animals to the safe areas.


Just like on an evolved planet, there are usually a few animals who will not listen.  They stay in their territory and get caught by the rebalancing.  Hopefully they will learn the next time this happens to them.


After the rebalancing, our older brothers and sisters help to move the animals to the land that has risen from the ocean floor.  They help the plants to propagate so that the animals have some food.  After a few hundred years of work their work is done.


Planets With Higher Level Awareness Structures

The job is quite different when the planet that is rebalancing has evolved enough to have higher level awareness (humanoid) physical structures, but the people who inhabit the planet have not evolved enough to understand how to deal with the rebalancing.


For the most part, people on an evolving planet have enough understanding to know that something big is coming.  The level of understanding varies, but for the most part they understand that something major is going to happen.


What usually happens is that the people of the planet receive visits from our older brothers and sisters in the same manner as a planet that only has plants and animals as inhabitants.  The amount of help can vary, and sometimes a planet has not evolved very much and they resist the help that has been offered.


Usually what happens is that a few thousand years before the rebalancing some of our more advanced older brothers and sisters start to take lifetimes on the evolving planet.  They cycle in and help the leaders of the planet prepare for the rebalancing.  Depending on the circumstances, sometimes they become the leaders and sometimes they just teach the leaders.  Either way, the intention is to assist the population through the rebalancing in a manner that all involved can learn as much as possible.


Depending on the level of understanding and the cooperation of the inhabitants of the planet, our older brothers and sisters will also visit in their spacecraft.  This is only done if the inhabitants of the planet want this type of help, and those helping determine that it is the best way of helping.


What we are attempting to illustrate here is that each planetary rebalancing is analyzed as a unique case.  The older brothers and sisters who are responsible for helping the younger ones always attempt to determine what is best for all concerned.  They also attempt to use the learning situation fro the maximum advantage for everyone so that everybody has an opportunity to learn as much as possible.


We will make one last point regarding when a planet with higher level awareness structures experiences a rebalancing.  Sometimes the planet is very advanced but not quite to the point having enough understanding and be able to work with the organized group of evolved planets.  Our older brothers and sisters who are helping this planet can see this.  They want this planet to be able to join the evolved group of planets.  After the rebalancing the helpers maintain solid connections with the evolving planet.  They show the inhabitants how to finalize their understanding and become one of the organized group.


There is no exclusivity here.  Our older brothers and sisters would like to see all planets evolve and become part of the organized group.  However, they understand that this takes time and all they can do is offer their help when they can and then wait for another planet to evolve at it’s own pace.


Plans for Tomorrow

Tomorrow we will start to look at the implications for our rebalancing.  The Crystal, Indigo, and Star Children are here to help us through this imminent event.  After all the background of the last few weeks we will start to hear about how to best direct our efforts.


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