The Planetary Rebalancing pt 1

We have made reference several times to the imminent planetary rebalancing.  We have stated that the reason that the Crystal Children, Indigo Children, and Star Children are on this planet at this time is to help the planet through the upheavals that will be caused by this rebalancing.


What do the Crystal, Indigo, and Star Children need to know about the rebalancing?  How can we remind them of these things that they were taught in preparation for this lifetime?


First, let’s take a look at how other planets approach rebalancing.  There are many inhabited planets throughout physical existence.  Many of them have populations that have come to understand that planets are designed to rebalance themselves on a regular basis.  The normal period for rebalancing is about 4 billion years.  That would be in terms of a particular planet’s years.  For example, if a planet had a year that was three of our years, the rebalancing period would be twelve billion of our years but only four billion of theirs.


The residents of the planet also know that some of the major features of the rebalancing will be an increase in volcanic activity and earthquakes, very large storms (hurricanes & typhoons), an increase in rainfall in general, large areas of land sinking into the oceans, large masses of land rising from the ocean, and an increase in the number of comets that visit the planet.


Let’s explain these features one at a time.


Increase in volcanic activity and earthquakes

One of the main features of planetary rebalancing is that the land is refreshed.  While the land at the surface of the planet prepares for that refreshing, there is an increase in active volcanoes and more frequent and large earthquakes.  Both of these are the result of the magma on which the land rests becoming more active as the rebalancing approaches.


Increase in large storms and rainfall

One of the primary ways for the land to rebalance is for water to carry the elements needed for proper balance across the land.  The water also allows the nutrients to sink into the land and flow through substrata via the water table.  In order for this to happen there needs to be an increase in the water available to the land.  Ergo, there are more and larger storms and an increase in rainfall in general.


Land sinking and rising

This is a subject that will be sure to cause a great deal of consternation.  However, it is what the Crystal, Indigo, and Star Children were trained for before they cycled into their current lifetime on this planet.  We would not be doing our duty if we did not remind them of this in a direct and unambiguous way.


The major upheaval during the planetary rebalancing happens when most of the land sinks below the ocean.  This happens so that during the next 4 billion years that land rebalances and rises again at the time of the next rebalancing.


This sinking and rising causes several things to happen.  First, there are tremendous earthquakes that resonate around and through the entire planet.  Next, there are tremendous tsunamis that wash around the entire planet.  These waves inundate both land that is waiting to submerge and land that has already risen.


We have seen our first example of this type of earthquake/tsunami.  The Boxing Day Tsunami of December 26, 2004 was caused by an earthquake that measured 9.3 on the Richter scale.  This was the second largest earthquake that was ever measured.  The land moved 15 meters (50 feet) along a length of ocean floor extending 1600 kilometers (almost 1,000 miles) in length.  Some areas of land near the origin of the tsunami were inundated by water that was 30 meters (100 feet) high.  Unfortunately, this was just the beginning of these types of events.


How do people deal with this?

There are several ways that people on other planets deal with these occurrences.  First, they know that this is going to happen.  Most other inhabited planets maintain a verbal history and document archive that goes back through many rebalancings.  They know this is going to happen, they know it has happened before, and they know how to deal with it.  It is a busy time, but no one is afraid of it.


Another way that people on other planets are prepared for the rebalancing is that they are trained from birth to stay in the moment.  They know and understand that when they are not in the moment they will succumb to their fears.  Between the knowledge of what is going to happen and their ability to stay in the moment, the inhabitants of other planets treat this as just another normal thing that happens to their planet.



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