Where Does the Project Go Now? pt 3

Stop Trying to Change Everybody and Everything


As a Star Child, Indigo Child, or Crystal Child we have a great deal of insight into the shortcomings of this planet.  We see through many of the illusions. We also want to keep from getting involved with the illusions and having them control us and what we perceive we need to be doing.


Many times we resort to attempting to change those around us.  We attempt to change the situation around us.  However, many of us have found that when we make these types of changes, nothing really happens.  We are just as frustrated as we were before.  Why is that?  Because after we change someone or something we find ourselves back in a situation where we are surrounded by people who are totally caught up in the illusions.


This brings to mind a lesson that was presented to me many years ago as I began traveling this path.  The lesson is an extremely short conversation between a seeker and a guru.


Seeker:  Guru – I see many evils in the world.  I see people who are harming other people.  I see dishonest people.  I see rude and disrespectful people.  How do I change the world to fix these things?


Guru: Change yourself.


What is this story trying to tell us?  Here are the things that I see.  First it is saying that we cannot really make anyone change.  Think about it.  Whenever we try to make someone change at least one of three things happens.  First, we become a real pain in the butt.  No one likes to be told they need to change.  This immediately alienates us from the ones we are presuming need to change.


Second, if they do decide to change because we force, shame, or otherwise coerce them into changing, they resent us.  The person we forced to change perceived themselves as being happy before we forced them to change.  Once they have allowed themselves into a coercive change they will blame any and all unhappiness on us who made them change.  Once again, you have lost any relatability with the one that you want to change.


Third, the person we insist needs to change will immediately measure us against our words.  They will attempt to see if we are the type that does as we say.  If they see that we are not really walking the walk or talking the talk, then they will decide that we are hypocritical.  Once again you have lost relatability.


Fourth, and probably most important, when we run around telling everyone and everything that they need to change we become a royal pain in the butt.  Think about it.  How disposed are you to someone who is constantly telling you to change?  Especially when they know that they are “right”.  This sounds like pretty annoying behavior to me.


A very important lesson that I have learned is that I am my own worst enemy.  If I had an enemy that for the last 40 years had tried to cause me harm, that enemy could not do more damage to me than I have already done to myself during those forty years.  Think about that.  I bet most of us are like that.


This means that your biggest impediments lie within, not without.  Concentrate on changing yourself.  Over time you will see that as you master your own shortcomings the perceived threat of external “problems” become less and less. 


To change the world first change yourself.  As you change your outlook on first yourself, and then the world, you will see that everyone has basically the same problems that you do.  The actual ways those problems manifest themselves will differ, but you will see that the root causes are identical.


Once you have changed yourself you will see that the best way to change the world is to exemplify your change.  You need not call any attention to it.  You need not point it out to anyone.  Those that are ready to accept what you have to offer will make themselves known to you.  Those will be the ones that are ready to change themselves and recognize that you have something that you have learned that might help them make that change.  That is how you change the world.


We all would like to wave a magic wand and make all the problems of the world go away.  We would all like to find a secret that would make everyone be happy.  Well, that magic wand, that secret is available, but it is counterintuitive.  Wave that magic wand on yourself.  Learn to stay in the moment at all times.  Gradually you will start to change the world.



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  1. Rita says:

    Thank you for informing of your blog! It’s very insightful = )
    I hope the this note has found you in uplifted spirits… Take care!

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