Where Does the Project Go Now? pt 2

Learn All you Can About Ghandi and Nonviolence


The Star Children and their compatriots are not here to “fight”.  We are here to help the planet through the imminent rebalancing and help the people on the planet to learn to be in the moment.  We do not accomplish these objectives by fighting.


When we choose to fight we are just strengthening the traditional paradigms of the planet.  For thousands of years on this planet we have thought that when we do not like something or if we are opposed to something then we have to actively fight it.  When the members of the project team fight things on this planet they are only keeping this idea entrenched.


Through the course of history on this planet there have been many examples of nonviolent resistance.  For me, one of the best examples of this was Mahatma Ghandi and his work in India during the first half of the 20th century.  He organized a resistance movement that adamantly refused to become violent.  That movement eventually overthrew the British Empire, the strongest military, economic, and political force in the world when the movement began.


Ghandi attempted to show the difference between resisting and fighting.  Resisting is determining the direction you want to go and stubbornly insisting on going in that direction.  While you are going in that direction you make sure you protect your right to go in that direction.  A little tweaking of a nose or some stepping on toes is acceptable.  Anything more is not.


What this does is to highlight the fact that those who are opposing you are keeping you from reasonably and peacefully exercising your human rights.  By maintaining your composure (staying in the moment) you allow all who are observing the situation to see that you are being reasonable and peaceful and that those opposing you are not.  Over time, the vast majority of uninvolved and initially uninterested observers will come to your side and begin working with you and not sympathizing with your opponents.  Peaceful but insistent resistance brings out the best in most people.


Star Children, Indigo Children, and Crystal Children must recognize that they will be doing work that will be opposed by many on the planet.  Many of those opponents will be those who do not want anything to be changed.  They will resist the work simply because they want everything to stay the way it is.  Our answer will be: That is great for you, but you should not oppose my right to live a peaceful life in the way I want to live it.  In order to make that statement we have to be living peaceful lives.


Being peaceful is a direct outcome of being in the moment.  When you are in the moment you realize when it is the appropriate time to defend yourself.  Being nonviolent does not necessarily mean you cannot defend yourself.  When you are in the moment you will know when you are defending yourself for appropriate reasons and when you are defending yourself out of attachments.


This also implies that you do not attack anyone.  When you are in the moment you realize that there is never any reason to attack anyone.  Defending yourself does not imply attack.  It just means that you will resist any attempt to keep you from exercising your right to live a peaceful and productive life.


Most of the readers of this blog have probably thought that all this talk of attack, resistance, defense, etc. has been referring to physical violence.  Will it does, but only as a minor and last resort.


Most of the violence that occurs on a daily basis is through our words and “nonviolent” physical actions.  Think of all the times that you speak hurtful words or think malicious thoughts about people.  Think of all the times that you want to respond to verbal attacks or perceived slights with aggressive words or behavior. 


We need to learn to practice nonviolence in our daily life and through our routine human interactions.  As we learn to control ourselves on a day to day basis, should there ever come a time for nonviolent responses to physical provocations, we will be much more likely to respond appropriately.  Years of daily training will pay off no matter what situation we encounter.


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