Where Does the Project Go Now? part 1

To recap the last few posts – there is a long term project whose purpose is to help this planet through the challenges of the upcoming planetary rebalancing.  The members of the project team are the Crystal, Star, and Indigo Children.  The major challenge the project has encountered is that the individuals cycle into a lifetime on this planet and forget who they are and why they have come here.  The adjustment made to overcome this challenge has been to change the training of the individuals before they cycle into this planet.


OK, now those involved with the project are here.  What do we do to continue the work of the project?  The next few posts will address this question.


First – Learn to Stay in the Moment


As I have said before, I have worked with this project for almost thirty years.  My primary lesson learned is that we need to learn to stay in the moment at all times.  Too often we focus on external distractions that keep us from being able to focus on the important behavior of being ourselves.


It is very easy for us to get caught up in the illusionary world of the False Self (ego, conscious mind, etc.)  The False Self is attached to many external things and thinks that it is those external things.  It thinks that it is the car it owns, the job it has, the clothes it wears, the house in which it lives.  All these attachments and many more, keep the True Self (spirit, soul, etc.) from being present.


These attachments to external things, ideas, people, etc. are the cause of all of our pain.  The attachments are the cause of all of our guilt, shame, feelings of insecurity, feelings of superiority, etc.  In other words, the false self and its attachments is the cause of all of our problems.


As I have worked with star children and on the periphery of the New Age Movement for many years I have seen far too many individuals get caught up in the details of the externals of spirituality.  Some people get caught up in thinking if they change the external situation they will become more spiritual.  They spend a great deal of time with crystals, divination tools, methods of healing, music, etc.  These things are important, but they do not create a more spiritual person of and by themselves.


Many of us (I confess that I spent many years avoiding this also) are intimidated or otherwise fearful of doing the heavy lifting of learning to be in the moment.  This means accepting our fears, shortcomings, and all those things we do not like to look at.  We hope to get there through the external methods I outlined previously because those are easier to understand and easier to work on.  However, at the end of the day, we are no closer to true spirituality because we are still avoiding looking at the real issues.


I cannot emphasize this point strongly enough.  Crystal, Indigo, and Star Children are here to awaken the planet.  This means helping the other individuals on the planet to learn to be in the moment.  That is what awakening means.  How can they do this when they are not learning to be in the moment themselves?


We will go into this most important of concepts – that of being in the moment – in future posts.  For now, let’s just accept that if the members of the project do nothing more than learn to be in the moment and help the rest of the planet to be in the moment they will have accomplished something that this planet has not known for millions of years.  I anticipate that discussions of staying in the now will become a major part of this blog.


The obvious question then becomes “how do we learn to stay in the moment?”  There have been many spiritual and religious methods for learning to accomplish this.  If you have a personal favorite that has worked for you, please use what works for you.


I recommend one source that has helped me a great deal recently.  Eckhart Tolle has written an excellent book called “A New Earth” that has helped many people learn to be in the moment.  He also recorded a series of 10 ninety minute videos with Oprah Winfrey based on this book.  These videos also incorporate many questions from viewers that are very helpful in voicing the questions that most of us have about how to learn to stay in the moment.


The following link may require you to register with the Oprah site to access the content.  However, I have not been spammed or anything else by the site.  Also, I am in no way affiliated with Oprah or Eckhart Tolle.  I just found this to be very helpful in helping me to stay in the moment.


Here is the link:



That is all for today.  Tomorrow we will explore another way the Crystal, Indigo, and Star Children can be learning to be effective in their chosen work.



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