Why Crystal, Indigo, and Star Children? Why Now? Part 4

Yesterday we talked about how the project to help the planet prepare for the imminent planetary rebalancing was not successful during its initial stages.  Despite extensive training prior to the lifetime, most of the individuals forgot about their mission after they cycled into their current lifetime.


Today we will look at the current status of the project.  As we discussed in previous posts, Rayva (whom we know as Jesus of Nazareth) came up with a multi stage plan to send waves of individuals to “flood” the planet with people who were specifically trained to help prepare for the rebalancing.  The first wave of those individuals began cycling in around 1935.  As previously stated most of them forgot why they were here and made no progress on their objective.


By the 1970s and early 80’s some of these individuals began to get a sense that they were here for a particular purpose.  They knew they were different from the rest of the inhabitants of the planet.  Many had the strong sense that they were here for a purpose but a vague idea of what that purpose was.  These individuals began calling themselves “Star Children”.


The star children know they are here to heal the planet and help humankind.  That has clearly come through.  The problem is with the specifics.  They were supposed to be using the training they received prior to their lifetime.  Instead all they were able to do was rehash the methods that already existed on the planet.  Little progress was made.


However, from the late 1970’s to the early 1990’s the planet was also visited by an individual who was much older than Rayva.  This individual, Havar, also had much greater understanding than Rayva.  Unfortunately, Havar had not been available during the planning and initial stages of the project.  During his fifteen year visit he was able to understand the issues regarding the project and start to make some adjustments to the project that should help it to become more effective.


The first thing that Havar did was to greatly slow down the final stage of the project.  If you remember, the final stage of the project was supposed to begin about 1980.  This was delayed a few years to make some adjustments in the final training of those individuals who were yet to cycle into a lifetime on this planet.


That training was to correct the reason why the project team was forgetting who they were and why they were here.  We will go into greater detail about the specific functioning of the mind later, but I will make a quick explanation now.


Many spiritual and religious teachings talk about the True Self (soul) and the False Self (ego, conscious mind, physical mind).  The fact is that the true self is completely nonphysically based and the false self is completely physically based.  The true self has a much more intense vibration than the false self and there is a multilevel filter between the true self and the false self.  When properly trained that filter will allow effective communication between false self and true self.  However it must be there, otherwise, the intense vibration of true self would fry the false self.


On other planets, the children are trained from birth to use the true self to train the false self.  The false self becomes a tool that the true self uses during a physical lifetime.  This training is overseen by the parents and the other individuals who are responsible for raising the child.  Lesson begins at birth and the results are monitored through the child’s growth into maturity.


On this planet we do not train the false self to listen to the true self.  Instead, we train it to be aware only of the other false selves around it.  We tell the false self to act just like the other false selves and to not pay attention to anything that is not physical.  This is why the early members of the project team forgot why they were here.  It was trained out of them starting at birth.


So let’s return to the early 1980’s and Havar has just put the project on hold while training is adjusted for the remaining individuals.  They received some last minute training that gave them a few tools and some suggestions regarding how to properly train the false self.  They began to cycle into the planet again around 1984-5.  We know these individuals as “Indigo Children”.


As the indigos cycled in their progress was monitored.  It was determined that although the additional training had been helpful, some new techniques needed to be attempted.  The new idea seems to have been to teach the individuals cycling into lifetimes on the planet to push through the multilevel filter between true self and false self from the true self side.


In other words, they punch through that filter from the nonphysical to the physical.  From our previous explanation you should see that this is not the norm.  The norm is to work from the physical side and train the false self to open from the physical to the nonphysical.


This final group began cycling into lifetimes on this planet about the year 2000.  These are the “Crystal Children”.  They seem to be the most aware of why they are here of any of the project groups.  They are not exactly a part of the original project, but an extension of the original project.


That’s all for today.  Our summary is that the difference in the Star, Indigo, and Crystal (SIC) is how they were trained to break through the multilevel filter between the physically based false self and the nonphysically based true self.  Towards the end of the project an individual by the name of Havar visited our planet, saw the reason why the project was not effective, and adjusted the training of the individuals who had not yet cycled into lifetimes here.  These differences in training are why there are differences between the Star, Indigo, and Crystal Children.


I may not post during this weekend, but I will be back on Monday with another post.



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3 Responses to Why Crystal, Indigo, and Star Children? Why Now? Part 4

  1. […] can read the rest of this blog post by going to the original source, here […]

  2. Gordon says:

    I appreciate your insights, and can feel the truth of many of them. There are some things you speak of that I cannot verify by any personal inner knowing. You speak of Rayva as Jesus [the Christ impulse], and Havar as a more learned entity. This intrigues me, and I would like to know more about Havar, and how he relates to Jesus in the planetary scheme of things. The Havar-Rayva relationship bespeaks a hierarchy that I would like to know more about.

  3. noahnow says:

    Gordon –

    The best way to appraoch this subject is to be open to the possibility that there is a hierarchy which the rest of the process of existence recognizes. For a variety of reasons we, the inhabitants of this planet, have chosen not to acknowledge anything that is not of this planet and anything that cannot be measured using our current methods.

    This is a very limiting viewpoint. Imagine over 6 billion individuals with blinders on and not looking at anything that is much past their own nose. There will not be much openess within such a scenario.

    Within the what we term the “western tradition” (which is code for Christianity) we are the inhertors of two thousand years of a long series of individuals who have attempted to use the the lifetime of Jesus of Nazareth to justify their beliefs. The vast majority of these individuals used that justification to invalidate any other beliefs on this planet. By making Jesus of Nazareth supreme they make themselves and the beliefs to which they are attached supreme as well.

    How would the idea of any sort of physical or nonphysical hiearchy survive almost two thousand years of such denial?

    Sure, there are traditions of angels. There are some traditions that spend a lot of time defining and discussing angels. But they all put Jesus of Nazareth at the top of the hierarchy. Once again they do this for their benefit and justification of their beliefs.

    Having been exposed to another viewpoint that was from completely outside of the “western tradition”, we have come to understand that there is a hierarchy about which many of us, the inhabitants of this planet, do not want to learn. Many of us feel that when we open up to a possibility other than the beliefs to which we and so many of our ancestors have been attached, that we will dishonor Jesus of Nazareth.

    Hhmm… This response is getting a little longer than I had anticipated.

    Let’s wind it up by saying that we have learned about a hierarchy in which the individual whom we know as Jesus of Nazareth is a member. He is quite advanced and quite important in that hierarchy. However, (and he would be the first to say) he is not the most advanced nor the most important. One of those individuals who is more advanced than Rayva (Jesus of Nazareth) is Havar.

    Gordon – I do not know if that answered your question. I spent a lot of time on why we do not admit the possibility of a hierarchy external to this planet and its beliefs.

    If I have not answered your question please feel free to submit another comment and we can continue this dialog.


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