Why Crystal, Indigo, and Star Children? Why Now? Part 3

In yesterday’s post we talked about Rayva (Jesus the Christ) cycling through a physical lifetime on this planet about 2000 years ago.  One of his objectives was to explain to us the approaching planetary rebalancing and help us learn to prepare for it.  Because he was not able to get this message across he determined that what was needed was a project to “flood” the planet with a large number of individuals who had been trained to help the planet through the disruptions caused by the planetary rebalancing.


Today we will describe a broad overview of the project Rayva recommended.


As with any new idea in the Process of Existence, Rayva presented his idea for the project to the appropriate group of individuals.  These individuals would determine if the project would be the best thing to do to help this planet.  After approval of the idea the project was begun.  The major parts of the project were:


  1. A group of approximately 5.5 million individuals was chosen to be part of the project.
  2. This group was a mixture of individuals who had many previous lifetimes on this planet and those who had very few previous incarnations here.
  3. There would be three phases to the project with a small advance group blazing the trail about 75-100 years before the first phase was to begin.
  4. After the rebalancing, the project would be followed up by direct visits to this planet by individuals from other planets.

Let’s take a look at some of the specifics of this project.  The reason that 5.5 million individuals were chosen was because that is the normal population for this planet.  That is correct – 5.5 million is the proper number of people we should have on this planet at this time – not the 6.5 billion that we have now.  At the time this figure was chosen we had about 200 million people inhabiting the planet.  The individuals managing the project recognized that it would be a large task for the individuals in the group to influence the larger number of individuals, but it was felt that it was possible to be done.  What was not anticipated was the tremendous population growth that we have experienced in the last 1000 years.  There has never been a planet that was so out of balance with its population as we have become here.

Next, let’s look at the experience of the individuals who make up the project.  Those managing the project felt that it would help to have some individuals with a great deal of experience from previous lifetimes here.  That experience was hoped to help others understand the conditions here.  An effort was made to balance this experience with individuals who did not have too much experience here.  The reason for this was that it was hoped that those who had more experience with properly balanced and functioning planets might be able to better explain what the ultimate goals were.  In hindsight it did not make much difference.  Almost all of the individuals in the initial phases of the project got here and forgot why they came here.

The three phases of the project were as follows:

Phase 1 – about one fourth of the individuals in the project would cycle through physical lifetimes on this planet starting about 1935 and ending about 1955.  The primary objective of this group was to begin laying the groundwork for the work of the project and be parents to the individuals in phase 2.

Phase 2 – about a third of the individuals in the project would begin cycling in between 1955 and 1975.  They were supposed to consolidate the work of those from phase 1 and be parents to those in phase 3.

Phase 3 – the remaining members of the project would cycle in beginning about 1975 and finish by 1990 or so.  The anticipated start date for the rebalancing was about the year 2015.  This would allow the members of phase 3 to be in their mid twenties at the youngest.  The members of phase 2 would be no older than 60 years.  It was hoped that this balance of age and experience would help the project team accomplish their objectives.

There was a small but very capable advance team, numbering in the thousands that began cycling in about 1850.  Some of these individuals became some of our more famous inventors, authors, scientists, writers, and politicians.  They were probably the most effective group of all.  They did a great deal to improve the general living conditions on the planet in anticipation of the rebalancing.  The downside to that has been that this improvement unexpectedly fueled the tremendous increase in population that is causing so many problems right now.

That is it for today.  Our summary for today is that the project intended to help this planet prepare for the rebalancing was not successful in its initial phases.  Most individuals got here and forgot why they were here.  The most successful phase was the advanced group but the net result of their work was to cause an unforeseen population explosion.

Tomorrow we will look at how this translates into Crystal, Indigo, and Star (CIS) children.  See you then.


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