Why Crystal, Indigo, and Star Children? Why Now? Part 2

Before we get to today’s post, let’s do a quick review of yesterday’s post.  In essence we said that the reason that Star, Indigo, and Crystal Children are here is to be a bridge.  That bridge is between the improperly balanced and poorly functioning planet that we now inhabit and the properly balanced and more functional planet we will have after the planetary rebalancing.  Star, indigo, and crystal children are part of a long term and large project.  The difference between them is primarily their age.  However, that age does have some ramifications which we will explore in future postings.


For today’s post we will explore the idea that the Star, Indigo, and Crystal (SIC) children are part of a project.  We will look at some initial explanations about that project and see some of the problems encountered as the project was implemented.


First, let’s look at the reason for the project.  On most other inhabited planets it is well understood that each planet has a natural cycle of rebalancing.  That cycle is approximately four billion years.  That would be years for that planet.  If a planet’s years are three of ours to one of theirs, then the cycle would be twelve billion of our years, but still four billion of theirs.  It was well understood in other parts of the Process of Existence that our planet was getting close to it’s time to rebalance but that the inhabitants of the planet had no idea of what was going to happen.


I do not want to get into a discussion at this point about the individual that we know as Jesus Christ.  As this blog progresses we will have plenty of time to discuss him.  However, I will use his proper name, Rayva, which is how he is known everywhere else in Existence.


Rayva is a very wise and advanced older brother.  He does not consider himself “God’s son” any more or less than every individual in considered equally a child of God.  However, Rayva has taken physical form on this planet many times previous to his most recent reincarnation that we call Jesus the Christ.  Over the eons he has attempted to teach us, the inhabitants of this planet, how to overcome the shortcomings that we face in every day life.  His main message has always been for us to accept and care for each other and to help each other to overcome our shortcomings.


Knowing that this planet faced a major challenge (the rebalancing) and that we were ill prepared to handle such a challenge, he cycled through here for a physical lifetime about 2000 years ago.  One of his primary purposes was to see if he could start to teach us about what was coming and how we could get through it.  Because we were so tied up in ourselves at the time, about all he could get through to us was his primary message: to love and accept each other and help each other whenever we can.


What he took from that particular lifetime was the idea that what was needed on this planet was a large scale project to more or less flood the planet with individuals who had been specifically trained to help the planet get through the trauma of the rebalancing period.  So he set about implementing such a project.


We have now clearly started to touch on the subject of reincarnation.  Once again, I will not get into a detailed explanation of reincarnation.  There will be time for that in future postings.  I will give a quick explanation of the cogent aspects of reincarnation that are needed for this explanation.


Whether we understand it or not, the reason that we are all on this planet at this time is because our True Self (soul, spirit, etc.) has decided to cycle through a physical lifetime here.  We have come here to advance our (True Self’s) learning and understanding.  We have chosen this time and place for this lifetime.  There will be more about reincarnation as these explanations continue.


So, that is all for today.  Our summary for today is that Rayva (whom we know as Jesus the Christ) cycled through a physical lifetime on this planet 2000 years ago.  The reason he did so was to help us to start to understand the coming planetary rebalancing.  When he was unable to get that explanation across he decided to implement a project wherein individuals would be specifically trained for a lifetime on this planet during which they would help the inhabitants of the planet through the impending rebalancing.


See you tomorrow.



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