Why Crystal, Indigo, and Star Children? Why Now? Part 1

This blog is intended to be a clearing house for all information regarding Crystal, Indigo, and Star Children.  I have been working with star children — and the reason that they are on this planet at this time — for almost thirty years.  My explanations come from some of the architects of the project that brought first, the Star Children, and then the Indigos and Crystals here.  I hope to be able to use this experience and understanding to help those who seek further knowledge and insight in this area.


Who am I and how did I learn about this subject?


At this time I cannot tell you the name that is on my driver’s license.  I am currently involved in the very conservative corporate world and any Google search on my name would reveal my work in the spiritual community.  That would cause needless explanations to ensure uninterrupted paychecks.  My intention is to make my income from writings, lectures, and personal assistance to others.  And make that income as soon as possible so I need not continue the dual roles longer than necessary.


For now, let’s just call me NoahNow.  I take that name because in many ways my work is very similar to that of the biblical Noah.  I am not sure where he got his information, but he was trying to tell the world what he saw in the future.  I do not claim to be clairvoyant, but like biblical Noah, I have a certain understanding of what is in store for the planet in the near future. 


Where did I get my information?  For now, let’s just say that I was taught for over ten years by someone who had a very clear understanding of where this planet was headed.  I just want to convey the same explanations to anyone who wants to hear them.


With that preface out of the way, let’s get to Crystal, Indigo, and Star Children.  I will use these terms because they seem to be the commonly accepted references.  I do not want to spend much time on debating the appropriateness of these terms.  Nor do I want to spend much time on the differences between theses categories.


In that light I will set out these guidelines regarding how I will use these terms on this site:


  1. All of the individuals in the three categories were trained nonphysically before they entered this lifetime.  The purpose of that training was to give them what they would need to perform their tasks during their current lifetime on this planet.  They were trained that there were major problems with the proper and balanced functioning of the planet.  They also learned that the imminent planetary rebalancing would cause major disruption to those physically present on the planet.  Their purpose on this planet at this time is to help build the bridge from where the planet is now to the time when, after the upheavals caused by the planet as it rebalances, things have quieted down.
  2. Star children are those from bullet point one who were born prior to the period of 1975-1980.
  3. Indigo children are those from bullet point one who were born between 1980 and 2000.
  4. Crystal children are those from bullet point one who have been born since 2000.

These are intended to be loose guidelines.  I want us to be talking about how to most effectively help these individuals do the job they came here for, not discuss whether they are crystal, indigo, or star.  I use these terms because others use them and by me using the same reference it will hopefully aid discussions and explanations.

Well, that is it for this post.  I will post more as soon as I am able.


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4 Responses to Why Crystal, Indigo, and Star Children? Why Now? Part 1

  1. sst says:


    Thanks for coming

    It is true that we must treat Indigo child with good way…because we dont know what they feel

  2. noahnow says:

    Thanks for the comment.

    One of the ponts I am attempting to make in the blog is that Crystal, Indigo, and Star Children feel the same way everyone else does. However, their training prior to taking their current lifetime gives them a different perspective on what to do with their life and how they should live that life.

    Does that make any sense?

  3. Mike says:

    I’ve have discovered I’m a crystal adult through a “medium” and other people may have confirmed the same thing.

    I’ve been reading info about this topic and I know I lost my self somewhere down the road. I’ve been lost for a lot of years now.
    I would really like to talk via email or something to someone who understands this topic so I can get pointers. I meditate often and I feel I have a deep purpose here and never really felt connected to any of my friends.

    From your writing I think you may help me 🙂
    Thanks in advance!

  4. noahnow says:

    Mike –

    You can email me at: noahnow@yahoo.com

    However, I urge my readers to post comments and questions to this blog so that other readers can benefit from the discussion.


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